Obesity and Kidney / Liver Failure

1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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During the first week, my blood-sugar became normal and, within three days, I stopped taking the glucophage. I learned that the pain and disease in my body had an emotional component. As I allowed the wheatgrass and the good nourishing raw food to support me, I felt brave enough to begin to release the emotional pain and trauma that I had been carrying in my body and spirit. One day, I realized that it was okay for me to put on a swimsuit and go to the pool; and it was there that my healing began, I accepted myself, which allowed me to ask for help from the always-ready staff. They met me with open hearts; they took away my fear and shined a light on my path. Hippocrates gave me answers that the medical community had not. I then reduced my hypertension medication.

A week and a half into my first stay at Hippocrates, I was late for an appointment one morning. I jumped out of bed, threw on my clothes, and ran out of the Hacienda. Looking down at my right foot landing on the concrete, I fully expected the foot to break. The pain that had been in my body since adolescence was gone. For the first time, my legs and feet were supporting me, even though I was still very obese. I want all obese people to know that there is a way to get rid of the pain so that they can get out of bed and regain their lives. The answer is the living foods lifestyle, which will remove from your body the acid, which is what causes the pain. It is now November, and I am back at Hippocrates for a second time. I have lost a total of 140 pounds; I have gone from a size 6X to a size 2X. I still have 150 pounds to go but, now, I know how to make it all go away. I do not have to live my life as a fat person any more. My blood-sugar is normal, and I take no medication. My hypertension is under control; my body doesn’t hurt; and it feels good to exercise now! My liver is now perfectly normal, and so are my kidneys; I am 50, and all of my hormone tests came back perfectly normal. I owe Hippocrates my life. Yay, Me!

Vol 22 Issue 4 page 5

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