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14 Oct 2015
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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Essentia is a health and wellness company that makes the only natural memory foam mattresses in the world. Essentia mattresses are unique as they focus on the 5 key elements of whole body recovery. By creating a healthy sleep environment that includes proper posture support, a cool sleep surface and clean air environment.

Made using organic and natural components, Essentia mattresses have been tested to show ambient VOCs and to be an optimal solution for allergy sufferers. Your immune system won’t spend valuable time at night fighting external toxins and will instead focus on fully restorative sleep.

You’ll find pro athletes, celebrities and health gurus sleep on their products. Visit Essentia’s flagship store in Boca Raton to experience next level sleep for yourself or learn more at www.myessentia.com and get 2 free Comfort pillows ($278 value) with your mattress purchase using the promo code: HHIFREE.

Peter Goodgold from www.Waterworks4u.com explores the un-chartered shore where the scientific and the spiritual relationship with water meet, and what this oxygenating, hydrating elixer can do for, or to, the human body. Peter explains how consuming life sustaining Alkalized Ionized Shungite water will improve people's spiritual and physical health, lengthen their lives, and promote a healthier planet. . His Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer provides alkalized, oxygen-rich antioxidant water directly from ordinary tap water making it aneffective tool balancing your bodies' pH. Wash waste products, toxins, and FAT out of your body simply by drinking ionized, alkalized tap water!  He warns that drinking acidic water will make your body a breeding ground for disease and send you to an early grave. Alkaline Water, is it the fountain of youth? We think it is!

Gumberich Family Chiropractic offers state-of-the-art upper cervical specific chiropractic care utilizing the NUCCA and Orthospinology adjusting techniques and protocols.  These techniques focus on adjusting the top bone in the cervical spine, the Atlas or C1 vertebra.  The correction restores body balance, and allows for optimal brain-to-body communication.  This powerful correction is efficient, very precise, gentle (no forceful twisting, pulling, thrusting or jerking motion of the head and neck) and has significant, measurable results.  

The technique requires the use of very precise diagnostic tools and equipment not found in other clinics (e.g., general chiropractors, orthopedic doctors, neurologists or hospitals).  After careful analysis of upper cervical images, one light correction is given to the atlas transverse process.  The Atlas is the only bone that can be used as a lever to move the head and neck back to the patient's vertical axis.  A correction may also need to be made in the transverse plane.   The overwhelming majority of patients we see demonstrate subluxations on more than one plane, and correcting the misalignment removes the interference and restores the body's natural health and healing process. 

Patients with countless conditions have responded well to upper cervical care, and we invite you to discover if you may benefit from this procedure.  Feel free to contact Dr. Gumberich at 561-964-1600 or visit our website at www.palmbeachNUCCA.com 

Healthy Juicer is a little power-house juicer founded simply because of the problem of finding a reliable, effective and affordable option to juice!  In 2004 the founders of Healthy Juicer ran into a problem when starting into the wonderful world of juicing wheatgrass - a portable and affordable option to juice.  The others were clunky and prohibitively expensive.

That's when the Healthy Juicer was born!  A simple to use and simple to clean juicer was born.  Now a decade later the Healthy Juicer has touched thousands of lives.

Andrew Casey, President of Healthy Juicer says "I have been fortunate enough to make my living selling a product that I 100% believe in and stand behind.  The best part is that every juicer we sell is going to change someones life in a positive way.  I have a rule that anything we sell must better humanity, make someone smile or provide someone with a new hobby that they can gain enjoyment out of.  I've been fortunate the last 10+ years to live up to that commitment and surround myself with like-minded people who have the positive spirit to do just that.

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