Salsa Verde

24 May 2018
Author: Lindsay Johnson
Read time: 1 min
Category: Archive

There's something about a fresh salsa verde that just screams summer. We hope you enjoy our Hippocrates spin on this classic favorite!

Yield: Enough for the party


Cilantro: 1 full cup (packed)

Blended Garlic: 1/3 TBSP

Cayenne Powder: 1/4 TBSP

Hot fresh pepper (yellow): 1 TBSP

Chef's Hot Sauce (or one of your choice): to taste

Kelp Powder: 1/4 TBSP

Lime Juice: 9 TBSP

Chopped Cucumber: 5 heaping cups

Technique: Blend cucumbers first. Add the rest of the ingredients and continue to blend till desired consistency is reached.

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