Self Esteem: The Mirror Of The Mind

1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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In the course of our growth and development in life, we continuously make decisions; pursue different paths and new avenues. Inevitably, we also encounter numerous challenges which, more often than not, result in failure. Our perception of this experience often determines our willingness to pursue our life goals more diligently. Consequently, it also determines our chances for success, happiness, and fulfillment. When we perceive ourselves as stuck in a pattern of drudgery and failure, the escape from this cycle becomes even more of a struggle. Discouraged and disillusioned, most of us abandon our efforts in rising above this emotional morass, heaping even more pressure on ourselves. These repeated reactions shape our persona and eventually create an aimless life, an existence without direction. Lack of self-esteem is the derivative of this formula and, just like with chemicals, when mixed with incompatible substances, explodes with a vengeance.

If we graciously allow experience to be our teacher, we will gradually learn to be more accepting and serene with our decisions, thereby creating a more appealing future through positive action. We shall also be more alert and receptive to the endless opportunities for developing greater self-esteem and self-assurance. With this new-found confidence we can slowly but surely diffuse the pressure of failure and the anxiety that plagued us in the past. The responsibility of shaping our lives Iles solely with us because It is within our power to create opportunities and use them according to our goals. Conversely, we have the ability to limit our problems by knowing how and where to find the answers.

Every day here at Hippocrates Health Institute, we witness many who go through the process of transformation. Often these people come from a place of enormous dysfunction. In assuming responsibility for themselves and using it as a tool to remedy their current condition, each one of them becomes a model of well-being. We cannot state often enough to our guests that their greatest enemy is their own destructive lack of self-love. These may seem just words and yet they should stir some feelings In our hearts when we hear them. Self-love and self-esteem are our best allies without whose presence in our lives can only result in constant struggle and "dis-ease". As profound as this may all sound, there are several practical ways of creating and developing self-esteem in which order to achieve this desired goal:

1. Focus on yourself and regard all negative thoughts and actions in your daily life. Then slowly discard them by filling that time with positive thoughts and actions.

2. Environmental, We must observe out surroundings both at home and at work, the people and places that fill our existence. We must observe the order or disorder within these relationships, disposing all negative, energy-draining persons and places from our existence. (These are often consequences of unwise choices we may have made in the past. If sincere efforts In changing these situations are not effective, then we must abandon these relationships in order to preserve our own clutter-free course to wellness).

3. Self-esteem on the spiritual level is enormous in the fact that when we come to understand the spirit fully, we can let go of all expectations and give ourselves the freedom to love without boundaries. This is accomplished through consciously realizing that we are part of an ever-whirling system of energy that spreads out well beyond the human experience to all forms of life.

By assuming a posture of humility and making sincere efforts to be in harmony with all creation around us, we unload a tremendous burden off our shoulders. The tenuous balance of life on this planet depends upon the harmonious cooperative relationship of its inhabitants who, like you and me, are actively developing their own self-esteem. Without this resolve on our part, our common future as a human race is greatly endangered.

With a note of optimism, however, we perceive an increasing awareness that is echoed all over the world. This should provide encouragement to people who a gentle need nudge out of their own comfort zones so that they may actively pursue their goals that will lead to satisfaction and contentment.

Presented with these exciting opportunities for growth, the gift of higher self-esteem is yours for the asking.

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