Success is a Feeling

1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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True success is first and foremost a feeling. People whose feelings depend primarily on external realities, also rely on them for their sense of success. When the stock market goes up, they feel up. When the stock market crashes, they crash.

The true feeling of success comes from feeling good in a way that transcends the outcome of our behavior. Real self-esteem can withstand “failures” as set-backs or even as “learning experiences.”

What I said to my daughter at the time of her mini-crisis formed her experience as a success. As adults we’re responsible for building the foundation of the success-consciousness within our children, and within ourselves as well. What we tell ourselves in crisis or even in the course of “regular” life determines whether we think success or failure. And how we think in the present predicts our future, so it behooves us to learn success strategies.

You know you have success-consciousness when you claim the following, so do your best to do so:

  1. “I make a difference.”
  2. “I’m capable.”
  3. “I’m loved and appreciated.”
  4. The variations of the above are numerous. Explore them all, and plant seeds wherever you go!

    Andy Bernay-Roman, RN, MS, LMT is a Board-Eligible National Certified Counselor who heads the Psychological and Emotional Support Department at Hippocrates.Vol 15 Issue 4 page 5
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