The Enzyme Account

1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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When this happens, the body puts out an emergency call to enzymes throughout the body. The body will rob enzymes from glands, muscles, nerves, and blood to help in the demanding digestive process. Eventually there is a deficiency of enzymes in those areas, and this, many scientists throughout the world believe, is the real cause of various allergies and diseases. According to medical research compiled by the pioneering enzymologist, Dr. Edward Howell, enzyme shortages are commonly seen in a number of chronic illnesses such as allergies, skin disorders, obesity, and heart disease, as well as in aging and certain types of cancer.

The healing power of enzymes is absolute and proven. Almost every regulatory system in our body depends on enzymes and suffers by their depletion: coagulation, inflammation, wound healing, and tissue regeneration, to name just a few. The enzyme account throughout the body is replenished by the living foods we eat as the enzymes are absorbed into the blood to reestablish normal blood-serum enzyme levels. To track the whole-body value of an enzyme rich diet, researchers have tagged enzyme supplements with radioactive dye and traced them through the digestive tract. They discovered that the tagged enzymes could be found in the liver, spleen, kidneys, heart, lungs, duodenum and urine.

The Hippocrates diet stops unnecessary waste of enzyme energy and makes daily deposits into the enzyme account. Few withdrawals and large deposits are the key to becoming richly supplied with the metabolic enzymes that are responsible for building, cleansing, and healing the body.

Excerpted from chapter 2 of LIVING FOODS FOR OPTIMUM HEALTH by Brian R. Clement.

Vol 17 Issue 1 page 4

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