The Scents of the Holidays

18 Nov 2015
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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Have you ever been anxious before or during the holiday season? All of the holiday planning and preparing, running around looking for gifts and getting ready for Holiday parties can leave you feeling tired and stressed. You can help alleviate much of this holiday stress and let you and your body glide smoothly through all your festivities. We invite you to explore the Holiday scents of Peppermint, Clove Bud and Juniper Berry essential oils.

Peppermint is a top essential oil to have at home, not only for this holiday season, but for your everyday routine. The list of Peppermint usage is really endless: its refreshing aroma helps with nausea, digestive issues including IBS, bad breath, improving mental focus, reducing anxiety, releasing tight or sore muscles, unclogging sinuses and giving allergy relief. Peppermint oil, when massaged into your temples, front hair line and the back of your neck, relieves a headache very quickly. When the holiday season is over, peppermint oil will repel bugs from your home and help with insects bites.

Spicy clove bud and the lightly coniferous juniper berry aromas will remind you about the Holidays all year around. Clove bud oil has extremely high antimicrobial and antiviral properties that can help you to avoid the flu and cold this winter season. When diffused into air, clove essential oil kills germs and fills the air with a warm and cozy smell. Clove bud essential oil is the number one oil for dental and oral care. Applied to the tooth it relieves a toothache, when dissolved in water it may be used as a gargle mix for sore throat and cough. It can even help to eliminate bad breath and reverse gingivitis. This is because Clove essential oil has the highest antioxidant capacity among any other food or essential oil.

The soothing smell of Juniper Berry essential oil is famous for its calming and sedative effect. It helps to relieve nervous tension and get rid of intellectual fatigue. A couple of drops rubbed between the palms and brushed over the aura is strengthening and purifying. On a physical level, it is a very good cleansing tonic oil and can be used for a detoxing massage or bath, helping to eliminate common toxins from the body. Juniper berry oil improves blood circulation and helps to keep it oxygenated. Paired with peppermint, juniper oil will help you to unwind and relax tired muscles after a long day.

These three wonderful oils can be used individually or blended together in an ultrasonic diffuser to give support to your body during this holiday season as well as create a memorable holiday atmosphere. Mention “Holiday Trio” during the months of November and December and receive $10 off our ultrasonic diffuser when purchasing our Holiday Trio of Peppermint, Clove Bud and Juniper Berry essential oils. These oils, with the diffuser, will make a fantastic gift for your family to promote health  and wellness all year long. To purchase please contact Oasis Therapy Center at (561) 471-5867

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