Top 15 Reasons for Nutritional Supplementation

29 May 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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Vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fatty acids, all play a role in building the human body. They act as the lumber that builds the cellular house. The type, quality, and size of the lumber will determine the strength of each and every individual cell. Each cell also has its own energy factory, mitochondria, and with proper nutrients, these tiny organelles fuel the multidimensional activities of each cell.

Individual cells unify with other like—minded coworkers making up every part of the anatomy from skeletal structure to organs. As a unit these cells “think” as one and when properly nourished they operate together allowing the tissue they comprise to function maximally

Studies have been done on individual cells isolated from the heart. Even separated from the original organ and under artificial stimulus, they continue to beat at the same rate as the very heart from which they’ve been removed.

As you see, optimal nutrition is at the core of amplified physical survival of the human being.

Top 15 Reasons for Nutritional supplementation

  1. Improve appearance, texture, and age prevention of the skin.
  2. Stronger, richer, and fuller head of hair.
  3. Enhanced eyesight, hearing, olfactory (smell), taste, and tactile sensitivity. 4. Cleaner, healthier and more functional teeth and mouth.
  4. Enhanced digestion of nutrients due to heightened enzyme counts.
  5. Strengthened and more functional glands body-wide (endocrine).
  6. More youthful and functional cardiovascular system.
  7. Stronger more flexible and enduring bone structure.
  8. Abdominal core muscles and fatty tissue balance.
  9. Fully functional organs and blood flow.
  10. Improved sexual organ function and related hormones.
  11. Healthy urinary, kidney and bladder function.
  12. Stronger and more elastic lower body muscles.
  13. Improved blood flow and function of the lower extremities and feet.
  14. Strengthened and balanced neurological, endocrine, integumentary, digestive, genitourinary, musculoskeletal, and respiratory systems.
  15. These are just a few of the many benefits available when you ensure that you consume the wide spectrum of nutrients required to maintain a functional healthy body.

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