Toxins-Chemical Daze

23 May 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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There are no world—class leaders directing any significant attention to the most vital concern that we face today: restoring health to humans and the planet. As a   matter of fact, most governments play the game of denouncing the work of serious and devoted scientists, natural health educators and environmental activists as "extremism". While this facade is being played out, brain cancer has become the leading cancer of our children. The young population of our world is facing mutation at an 85 times greater rate than did their great-grandparents generation. Similarly we are losing species from our animal kingdom daily Small creatures such as frogs, butterflies and bees are experiencing a decline in fertility rates as high as 50% and are dying as our deadly waste products seep into their cells, wreaking biological havoc. The smaller the body mass of the creature, the greater their chance of succumbing to the ever—increasing array of toxins consumed through inhalation, food and water consumption, as well as direct saturation through the skin. Let’s not fool ourselves: this is bio-terrorism and chemical warfare that we control.

In less than a century, mankind has produced 75,000 chemicals that did not exist 100 years ago. When these chemicals mix they inherently create additional chemical compounds that perpetuate an ongoing chain of new and unbridled chemistry that our environment is unable to tame. Many scientists today believe these multiple pollutants are creating tens, if not hundreds of millions of chemistries, each damaging and threatening biological life as we know it.

Here at Hippocrates, we have observed an outrageous and alarmingly consistent trend of younger people arriving with greater catastrophic diseases. Brain cancer and other neurological disorders that we saw rarely in the past, are becoming common place. Scientists have linked these disorders directly to high levels of noxious pollutants and heavy metals held in our organs. Hardly anyone today as proven time and again through testing escapes heavy metal poisoning. It is no wonder as dental professionals continue to implant heavy metal into mouths, and food manufacturers and pharmaceutical producers taint their products with dangerous metalics. (See In the News which has recorded an average of 200 chemicals in newborns.)

There is consistent international medical research supporting the link between mercury, often contained in vaccines, and diseases such as autism and illness that is increasing at alarming rates here in the West. While these insane serums were outlawed in the U.S. in 1999, the on-hand vaccines, appallingly, were saved and sent

around the globe, where their use is not restricted. Lead, another heavy metal that causes abnormal brain function, has been notorious for nearly half a century While the use of lead has been banned, it still _grossly infiltrates our environments through products created prior to our discovery that it reduces mental acuity Many lead-laden products are still exported to countries restricting its usage, so the general population of the world continues to endure its harmful affects.

It’s a similar story with DDT, a proven cancer-causing chemical. DDT was not banned until government researchers revealed that it was responsible for the extinction of America,s bald eagle, ironically our symbol of freedom. While it was outlawed several decades ago, most people are unaware that North America remains the number one producer of DDT and now manufactures greater quantities of this deadly chemical than before the abolishment. Victims of this poison are often third-world residents who use this killer in the production of their food, much of which is, ironically shipped to the restrictive nations for consumption.

Arsenic, most often found in our drinking water, is so widespread that even moderate scientists believe that the average-sized country loses thousands of citizens per year because of it. In this country in 2001, the Federal government went as far to admit its danger, but then continued to say they were unable to fund such an unfathomable clean-up. Every drop of water on this earth is connected; there is no such thing as an independent ocean, lake, river, or stream. Ultimately the aquifer is the common strain that bonds H20 together that may is the same water that existed at the beginning of the planet. There is one significant difference however the water today that comes via he the rain is subject to our airborne and soil-borne manmade chemicals that kill.

As you read the newsletter they are hundreds of thousands of tons of waste being poured into our waterways from industry, and growing amounts of human feces and biological waste permeating our aqua-system. Some forty years ago, the late Jacques Cousteau, one of the leading authorities on the earth’s water said "at the current rate of environmental destruction, we will perish as a species within the next _ century". His frightful commentary is validated by other verifiable events: the rapid decrease of diatoms, the microscopic ocean plants that are responsible for creating approximately 70% of the earth’s oxygen, and the serious decline of the world’s coral reefs, that have scientists anticipating their extinction within 50 years, to name two. A vital eco-system is paramount to the health of the every species on this earth, without it, this chain reaction will continue to speed up the progression of worldwide ocean stagnation and their and our eventual death.

Russia is said to be dumping nuclear waste into the North Sea. While the connection is not directly verifiable, the population of krill (a minute shrimp-like sea life) in the northern hemisphere is at such dangerously low levels that the fish and birds that depend upon them for sustenance are now disappearing at alarming rates. Also on the increase is a condition called "red tide" which is caused by high levels of bacteria in our salt water, which result in depleted fish y populations worldwide. Finally north and south poles, still thought by many to be the most pristine and untouched areas of the planet earth, are now testing positive for a wide cross section of chemicals and radioactive contaminants.

Even still, we sit on the sidelines in our little cocoons, viewing our “reality” TV shows somehow believing that we are not directly affected in April 2005, the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta reported that cancer had superseded heart disease as ne number of killer in the U.S., other westernized countries, if not currently at this threshold, will reach it within the next few years. When is enough, enough?

As a member of the organization Concerned Scientists, I was recently informed that the United States government has fraudulently altered environmental documents confirming the existence of global warming. Our organization, along with other renowned and prestigious global scientists, petitioned the White House on this matter. They made no response. Sadly the same can be said of most citizens of this world; we continue to consume more than we need, waste our fragile natural resources, and choose unhealthy foods, thoughts and actions on a daily basis, while our future and our world are collapsing. "Reap what you sow" is possibly the most fitting truism of our time.

Regardless of the deluge of propaganda from commercial interest groups and corrupt professions, know that we are in an extreme condition that is threatening not only our physical and mental health, but our very survival. The result of man-made chemicals is man-made waste. These pollutants are destroying the critical flora and fauna in our world, and minute by minute are weakening our immune systems and paving the way for a disease—ridden future. Health cannot be maintained in an environment that is discourteous and indifferent to nature. While so called CEmodern medicine, may still be puzzled about the pervasiveness of many disorders affecting us today, you can now understand and more importantly take action to expose this profound corruption and encourage others to join us in making choices that support the earth and the very gift of life it gives us.

There are several valuable and worth-while organizations who need your help see above for a complete listing.

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