Uncork Your Consciousness

1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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As for the book “Uncork Your Consciousness,” I highly encourage you to read this enlightening book. It is filled with exciting insights, scientific studies and facts that will surely inspire you to learn more - about yourself.

Written by Dr.Valerie Hunt, a close friend of the Clements (Hippocrates Directors), “Uncork Your Consciousness” is a fascinating journey of this brilliant woman’s life and studies. Her goal in writing this book is to challenge us to expand upon our consciousness in order to become aware that we are all divine spirit manifest in human form.

She begins by describing the ‘mind field’ - that living, changing bio-field that is similar to our aura. It exists in the space closely surrounding us, has frequency and amplitude patterns, and registers every stimuli before it activates our physical sensory nerves.

It is like a second nervous system with electrical energy moving to and from atoms and cells. Like an electrical circuit, this bio-field has memory stored in the fluid between cells and in the brain. This atomic field is a deeper source of behaviors, emotions, health and disease. It flavors all we are and do. This field is our personal map of all we have experienced and felt through this life and those past, and Hunt gives fascinating examples of how she has come to know and measure this scientifically.

An important part of her discovery regarding this bio-field is the realization that you must first understand a body’s unique field in order to understand its behaviors and diseases. It is her belief that this field must change before disease can be cured.

Here at Hippocrates, we’ve always known that emotional health is a huge part of physical health. It’s one of the reasons why we offer such excellent emotional therapies to all who come through the three-week Life Change Program. Toxic emotions, memories, feelings and thoughts; all those “invisible” patterns we hold so tightly to ourselves are the basis for much of the “visible” physical manifestation of disease.

Dr. Hunt encourages us to remember that health comes when there is freedom to process emotional energy on all levels, saying that a body can “repair and regenerate itself beyond our wildest dreams” if the blocks to these emotional systems are removed.

So what does the future hold for us? Dr. Hunt makes some very exciting revelations about the direction of health and healing. Not meaning to be politically correct or incorrect, Dr. Hunt did say something that really struck a cord with me. She said that the alternative medicine of the future is being called female medicine; where nurturing your life-force with loving vibrations can positively alter that life force, whereas the male dominated medicine of the past relied on surgery, chemicals and often destructive vibrations. Yeah. There is hope after all!

This century will bring more insights into the spiritual nature and power of humans in contrast to the importance placed on the biological and physical in the past. Our consciousness is expanding as we become more connected to global concerns, our food choices become lighter and more humane with plant-based diets, and our lives are filled with rich and diverse experiences - all of which raise our vibrational level.

We are becoming aware of the joy of expanding the vibration of our environment with beauty, natural materials and a wide choice of color. With sensitive computer settings, Dr. Hunt measured a person’s muscle strength when surrounded by the positive vibrations of natural fabrics, colors and surroundings. She then measured the strength when that person was introduced to a room with synthetic carpets, furniture and clothing. Muscle strength decreased by as much as half. When those objects were covered again with cottons, silks and wool rugs, the strength returned for a moment, but decreased again after 10 minutes. When soothing music was played, strength increased 10 percent to 20 percent and remained strong.

While reading about this study, I was reminded about a time when I visited a school that was run under the principles of Rudolf Steiner. All the classrooms for these fortunate children were small cottage-like dwellings, each with a particular textured, pastel color on the walls; instead of desks, low wooden work tables and pillows covered with rich natural fabrics on the floor, and toys of wood, paper, cloth and porcelain. There were no plastics or synthetics to be found, and natural beauty was in every corner, created by the children themselves. The vibration in that room was so amazing, I didn’t want to leave - I wanted to live there.

Dr. Hunt closes with examples of contemplative meditations that can be used to expand our awareness and self discovery. She encourages us to heighten the vibrations of our environment with rich colors, natural fabrics and materials, and calming sounds. She suggests, “Have a life full of music to nourish your electromagnetic system and to offset the contamination of the noise we live in.”

An amazing woman, scientist and doctor of 91 years, Dr. Hunt backs all of her conclusions with scientific studies, and shares with us her fascinating life of discovery. Her goal in writing this book is to “uncork the hidden areas of our minds” that will allow us to discover and experience the treasures of being truly alive. Experience this delightful book and let it be another revelation on your personal journey of creative expansion and vibrant health.

As Dr. Hunt says, “Personal evolution is not for sissies. Change, consciousness and self-discovery are difficult. Fun will come eventually from your greatest discovery – YOU!”

Of course, Uncork Your Consciousness is available from the Hippocrates store at 1-561-471-8876 ext 124 or online.

Vol 28 Issue 4 Page 38

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