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23 May 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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We, at Hippocrates, consistently search for the highest quality technology available. For many years, we have successfully utilized molecularly organized water here at the center. Recently. we were introduced to Dr. Dennis Higgins. M.D. who conducted two decades of research in energetic medicine and water's impact on one's overall health. From this exploration, Dr. Higgins created the most sophisticated water technology system in history. Combining purification, molecular :xganization, and sub-atomic restructuring, he has developed a system that sterilizes "later to distilled levels, yet maintains the imprint of minerals and frequencies that provide extraordinary vitality.

There is a direct correlation between free radical damage to the red blood cells and the protective affect of high frequency H20. In seventy-five cases researched with dark-field microscopy, we found lhal this form of water engages cellular movement, independence :::md energetic enhancement. As you know, it is free radical damage that precipitates premature aging and disease. This enhanced form of water increases the electromagnetic requency of cells creating a protective shield that resists the scourge of free radicals. urtherrnore there is an abundant understanding that this low-tension water hydrates the body's cells at a much higher level than other choices.

There are three significant advantages in consuming this high-tech H20:

  1. This water is pH balanced, with a pHoetween seven and ten. Variation is due to the prefiltration water source.
  2. is system eliminates chemicals including their imprints, so that more ectron activity will ocur in the structure of H20.
  3. he sixteen stage purification renineralizes. restructures. magnetizes tennIes, filters and purifies.
  4. Although our water sources are overrun with noxious pollutants. the one that is known to threaten human life to the greatest extent is M.T.B.E. This deadly ethyl is dispensed by theĀ  petrochemical industry as an additive in gasoline. At first it was thought to be a pollution reducing product that would help lessen airborne contaminants. By the mid 1990' s however, government scientists shocked all of us when they revealed that this chemical was not reducing pollution but proliferating it. Furthermore, they discovered that the carcinogenic affects were extreme and considered it one of the foremost cancer causingchemicals ever created by man. Other than distillation, only sophisticated systems such as the VITA TECH, are capable of removing this fatal poison.

    Since the majority of your body is composed of water it is crucial for you to maintain hydration with a high quality H20. Without question, water is second only to oxygen the quest for health. Those of you reading this are already interested in improving your strength, stamina and longevity. Make the lifesaving decision to control your water intake. Seriously, consider this critical component to help you achieve the hydration levels that are necessary for optimal health. This is needed for you to achieve your desired health goals. For more information, call the Hippocrates store 561-471-8876 extension 124.

    Vol 24 Issue 4 Page 14

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