Where Do I Get My B12?

29 May 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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In a healthy body, one produces B12 inches or her own gastro--intestinal tract. This occurs when there is adequate nourishment for a clean intestine to flourish.

The mere fact that B12 requires two items that the vast majority of the public do not have, leads us to the understanding that most people require B12 from an external source. Meat and dairy industries would love to have you believe that they are the best suppliers of this, whereas the truth of the matter is that they are not adequate forms of B12 in most cases.

On a live-food diet, which in its state-of-the-art form includes algaes, we are receiving forms of B12 along with certain amounts from the sprouts.

Now the question should be, “Do all people have the ability to absorb the nutrition coming from the food?". The unfortunate answer is No. We estimate after long-term research and investigation that seven out of ten individuals will have more than adequate B12 in their body after detoxifying and staying on the Hippocrates program. Two out of ten will require short-term vegetarian B12 supplementation and one out of ten will require long-term 1312. The best form of B12 supplementation can be acquired thru taking Sologard Vegetarian B12, which can be purchased in the majority of better health stores world-wide.

Never think that this lack of B12 in one's own body suggests that humans are carnivorous creatures. In actuality, it is thru the centuries of consuming meat and other non-foods that we have destroyed our natural ability to produce enough of this important element.

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