As much as I enjoy talking about this man, both for his own personal life successes and his contribution to me, I will keep my thoughts simple and relevant to my testimonial.

So the story goes, I relocated to West Palm Beach, FL after graduating from The Pennsylvania State University in 1997. As with most college students, I thought I had the answer to everything, at least when it came to health and fitness; I was a top athlete most of my life. Well, guess what, I was so wrong! One early fall morning I finished my daily workout at a local gymnasium. As I was leaving, I noticed an elderly man completing his routine in the distance. I remember saying to myself, WOW, that man looks incredible, very muscular, yet very lean. His body resembled that of a well-tuned 28 year old.

Knowing he wasn’t 28, my curiosity got the best of me. I walked over, and introduced myself. With a very sincere and cordial smile the man reciprocated the introduction, “my name is Frank Stranahan.” “Can I ask you an honest question Frank, how does your body look so beautiful in your later years of life? What is your secret? How on earth do you look so good?” Once again, with a captive and humble smile, he responded, “I eat only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Food does not come in boxes, cans, jars or containers.” My natural, or actually, unnatural response stemming from my ignorance within our Standard American Diet was “You can live off that?” Well, guess what, I was both surprised and stunned to realize Frank is not only living, Frank is thriving!

Shortly after meeting Frank, my journey led me to the oasis we all know today as Hippocrates Health Institute. I must admit, unlike many who find this magical life-changing location, I had no noticeable physical health challenges or concerns. I simply wanted to find the answer that Frank held so close to his heart, the answer to vibrant health, longevity, love and most importantly a deep compassion for yourself and others. Or in better words, our birth right!

Drawn to the staff, the property, the testi­monials, and most importantly, the philosophy, I now found the answer. I found the answer we are all looking fort! Fort the first time ever, it was all in front of me, in one location, Hippocrates Health Institute …

My newly found knowledge just made sense! I was learning for the first time how to really live my life in the most complete way. I need­ed to be a part of this special place, I needed to give hack, in a way that was most selfless; I decided to volunteer. Every Sunday for a year and a half, I spent the entire clay on property. I had the great opportunity to visit with guests, engage in conversation, assist with their needs, and learn their personal stories. For the first time, I understood. I understood what Frank meant; food does not come in boxes, cans, jars or containers. And in my own thoughts, neither does hap­piness or spiritual contentment. Health, har­mony and balance in life does not come from a glorified quick fix, it is not a prescribed pill, it is simply a way of life. Sundays spent on property as a volunteer was quite possibly the most gratifying time of my life.

As time passed, I embraced the philosophy more and more. The overall quality of my life was enhanced. Adopting a living food life style was now both a health and spiri­tual choice, I felt re-born. I required less sleep, feeling rested upon waking instead of tired and wasted. During the day, I found new levels of creativity, was for the first time a stranger to the mid-day sugar crash, my eyes clearer, changing from green back to the baby blues I was born with. My skin tone dras­tically improved and most impor­tantly, my compassion and love for those around me amplified. Everything that I desired as a human being was now my reality.

Now a graduate of the 3-Week Life Change and 9-Week Health Educator Program, my decision was obvious, it’s time to give back even more. As the President of Healthy Adventure, Inc. We recently decided to support the growth, awareness and phi­losophy of Hippocrates in a very enjoyable and special way. In honor of Hippocrates and the Clements, we have recently decided to incorporate a fitness component into HHI’s menu of products and services. In the year 2005, HHI will be offering a complete fitness and wellness program here in South Florida for those interested in it more active life-style. Learn to take your health and vitality to the next level Come and enjoy live gourmet cuisine, swim with the dol­phins, scuba’ dive in our pristine Florida waters, play golf at several top courses, learn proper exercise routines for losing weight and building muscle, kayak along our peaceful rivers and most importantly redis­cover your birthright; vibrant health, longevity, love and a deeper compassion for yourself and others. See you soon and in good health! – Ocean

Vol 24 Issue 1 page 14


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