Hippocrates Health Institute has been a leader in the holistic health revolution for over 60 years. Guests who participate in one of our world-class will have the opportunity to experience the following:

  • Luxury Accommodations on 50 Acres of Lush Tropics
  • On Site Medical Director
  • Organic Chef Prepared Plant-Based Meals
  • Fresh Wheatgrass and Green Juice Daily
  • Over 35 Therapeutic Spa Service Options from Oasis
  • IV Therapy and Hyperbaric Chambers

  • Nutritional and Wellness Counseling
  • Become Organic Salon and Esthetics Center
  • Complete Blood Work with Medical Review
  • Advanced Holistic Medical Services
  • Psychotherapy Sessions
  • Over 30 Hours of Weekly Lectures

  • Dead Sea Salt Mineral Pools
  • Invigorating Cold Plunge and Hot Tub
  • Natural Stone Reflexology Stream
  • Lush Walking and Jogging Trails
  • Indoor and Outdoor Cutting Edge Fitness Facilities
  • Far Infrared Saunas & Steam Saunas
  • Meditation Labyrinth
  • Natural Health Library
  • Complimentary Guest Laundry Facility
  • Evening Entertainment Twice Weekly
  • Local Destination Excursions
  • Hippocrates Amenity Kit

Lecture 1: Principles of Health; A brief history of how HHI came into being. A comprehensive explanation of the food groups in the Living Foods diet.

Lecture 2: Internal Awareness; The basics of the digestive / eliminative system and how to detoxify. Instruction on the proper way to use enemas and implants.

Lecture 3: Supplements, Algae, Herbs, and Homeopathy; A guide to supplements and their benefits. Also alternative options to complete the needed consumption that our human body requires.

Lecture 4: Ancient and current self-help techniques; Many helpful at home healing techniques. For cuts, burns, impaired vision, infection, pre-mature gray hair, and many others.

Lecture 5: Fasting on Liquid Nourishment; The benefits of fasting on green juice rather than water. A review of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits of fasting.

Lecture 6: Questions and Answers I; Questions on the science, psychology, and food of the Living Foods Lifestyle. The responses provide clear and thoughtful information.

Lecture 7: Detox and Elimination; The workings of the elimination system (Lymph, Liver, Lungs, Kidneys, and Skin) and your bodies reactions to a detoxifying program.

Lecture 8: Practical Living; How to really live the Hippocrates Lifestyle when you return home. How to have what you need at home, work, and in social situations.

Lecture 9: Questions and Answers II; Questions of the participants are posed. The responses provide clear and thoughtful information.

Lecture 10: Bringing it all Home; The physical, emotional, and spiritual healing process. How to achieve your highest goals in life. Applying the HHI lifestyle at home.

Lecture 11: Food Combining; Proper combining of foods for good digestion. Foods that should never be eaten together. Key information for optimal health.

Lecture 12: Questions and Answers III: Questions of the participants are posed. The responses provide clear and thoughtful information.

  • Stress, Health and Healing w/Antony Chatham (Hacienda)
  • Removing Emotional and Physical Blockages with Hara w/Dr.Chip (WH)
  • Healthy Sleep w/Randi (WH)
  • Self-Lymph Breast Massage for Men & Women w/Linda (Harmony Room– Oasis)
  • H-Wave Therapy: Increasing Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage w/Kevin (WH)
  • The benefits of Skin Food w/Marty & Rima (Banyan)
  • Your Raw Kitchen w/Tee (Hacienda)
  • EmoSpirit™ w/Brian Clement Phd, LN
  • Understanding the Technology of Nucalm w/Robin (Hacienda)
  • Growing and Sprouting Your Own Living Foods w/Sean (WH)
  • Optimal living with Essential Oils w/Nancy (Hacienda)
  • Become Personal Care Line: Feeding the Body through the Skin w/Marty & Rima (Banyan-Salon)
  • Beyond Journaling w/Mollie (Hacienda)
  • Kitchen Techniques and Recipes (WH)
  • Organic Apparel & Your Health w/Michelle (WH)
  • Mind Body S.H.I.F.T w/Andy (WH)
  • Creative Painting w/Nadya (WH)
  • Holistic Views of Health and Healing w/Antony (Hacienda)
  • Skin Detox & Acupressure Face Lift w\Eniko (Hacienda)
  • Healing Circle Support Group w/Andy Bernay (Hacienda)
  • Dramatically Revitalize your Skin with the Newest Technology w/Marty (Banyan)
  • Happiness Alignment w/Sara (Hacienda)
  • The Importance of Digestive Health During Detoxification (Hacienda)
  • Discovering the Ambassador Program w/Linda (WH)
  • Transformational Breathwork w/Bodhi

  • IV/Oxygen Therapy w/ Dr. Tina Discepola & Pam, RN (Fitness)
  • New Age Dentistry w/ Dr. Kaufman (WH)
  • If Your Hair Could Talk… w/Marty & Rima (Banyan)
  • Demystifying Acupuncture Live demo and Q&A w/Dr. Chip (WH)
  • Quantum concepts of Health and Healing w/Antony (Hacienda)
  • Spectracell w/Tom, RN (WH)

  • Water Wisdom w/ Dr. Speiser (Hacienda)
  • Perfect Posture w/Vincent (WH)
  • Water Wisdom w/ Dr. Speiser (Hacienda)
  • Holistic Lifestyles for our Feline & Canine Companions w/Dr. Dym (WH)
  • Vibrational Cleansing w/Joda (Vitality
  • Importance of Upper Cervical Alignment w/Dr. Gumberich (WH)

50+ Acres Includes Walking Trails

Outdoor Air Fitness Center

Fitness Center: Power Plate, Treadmills, Eliptical, Bicycles, Weights

Daily Exercise Classes:

  • Aqua Fitness: Involves many of the exercises you would expect in a dry class but with the added bonus from exercising in the waters. Water supports the body, putting less stress on your joints and muscles. This is ideal if you suffer from an injury or are recovering from an illness. The impact of gravity is less in water allowing a greater range of motion.
  • Bandtastic: Tone and Strengthen: Discover the opportunities of training with resistance bands. Full body workouts that challenge every major muscle group in the body which helps you boost stamina, flexibility, and range of motion.
  • Benefits: Increased strength in your muscles, bones and overall, Reduced Arthritic pain, Reduce risk of injury, Increased metabolism, Improved blood transport, Improved levels of blood sugar. Versatility: Excellent for travel, Easy to use alone, Adaptable for multiple fitness levels, Incredibly cost effective.
  • Chair Yoga: Offers all of the benefits of Traditional Yoga without the up and down from the ground. Depending on the ability of the students half of the class time is actually out of the chair working on balance and strength and the other half is seated working on flexibility and breath work. You will leave class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated
  • Circuit Training: Circuit training targets strength building and muscular endurance. A “circuit” is completion one exercise. When one circuit is complete, one begins the next circuit or exercise. The time between exercises in circuit training is short with rapid movement to the next exercise.
  • Dance Therapy- Drum class: Vibration and rhythmic healing through musicality, waves and dance flow. Dance is a universal communication tool with the inner spirit and higher power. This class is developed around exercise, creative movement, stretching, removing blockages, releasing imbalances, aligning the body, inviting positivity and learning rhythmic dance sequences.
  • Full-Body Workout: This class is an outdoor, low-impact workout that focuses on cardio and strength exercises for the upper and lower body. It is suitable for the beginners or the super-fit as you cycle at your own pace.

  • Funtastic Movement: Join the fun! Train your muscles to perform together doing daily tasks you do at home, at work and at play. Beneficial for younger and older adults to improve balance, agility, muscle strength, reduce risk of injury and improve your quality of life.
  • Inner Rhythms Dance: Freestyle dance where music and listening to your body wisdom is the primary teacher. An organic process of exploration where creativity is accessed and expressed, where aliveness and play come into focus, where you find your own dance unique to you. Free your body, free your joy and free your inspiration through this healing journey of movement.
  • Nadabrahma Active Meditation: Adapted from ancient Tibetan methods the humming meditation incorporates hand movements. During the session conflicting parts of the human being start falling in tune, bringing harmony to the whole being.
  • Rise and Shine: Start your day off on the right foot and run, walk or skip at Haverhill park.
  • Sound Floating: Experience deep relaxation as you float in water, listening to underwater music infused with beneficial frequencies.
  • Strength Training: This class uses resistance to increase your strength and size of your muscles. The benefits of strength training include increased muscle, tendon and ligament strength, bone density, flexibility, tone and metabolic rate, and postural support.
  • Stretching: Everyone can learn to stretch, regardless of age and flexibility. Learn to increase your range of movement in your joints through gentle stretches. A few benefits of stretching include reduced muscle tension, making the body more relaxed, increased range of motion, prevention of injuries such as muscle strains, promotes circulation, and it feels good!
  • Swiss Ball Fundamentals: In order to maintain correct posture and balance learn how to challenge the body to participate. The Swiss Ball will stimulate the body’s natural reaction by activating the neuromuscular system to mentally encourage the body to function as an integrated unit. It’s a fun, easy to use, unique, inexpensive and productive product.
  • Benefits: Establish, restore, and maintain balance. Better muscle synergy; muscle groups working together to facilitate movement, Improve focus and concentration, Increase neuromuscular functions; connection between your brain, nervous system, and muscle, strengthen core and muscle structure.
  • Tai Chi: A centuries-old Chinese practice designed to exercise the mind and body through a series of gentle, flowing postures that create a kind of synchronized dance.
  • Qigong: Chinese Health Exercises which harmonize body, breath and posture thru slow, gentle, easy and circular movements. During this class you will learn a few simple methods to increase your body’s natural healing force. Qigong is the art or skill of cultivating one’s own Vital Life Force Energy which flows thru us and all living things.
  • Wake Up Yoga: Using morning gentle yoga poses to stretch your body and get your blood circulating, this class will provide you a simple routine to get you ready to start your day.
  • Yoga power flow with Ashtanga and Vinyasa principles. This class is a combined yoga flow that introduces synchronized breathing and different poses. Through each posture and pose there will be a continuous flow of movement and breath techniques.

  • Unlimited Living Foods Buffet – Includes Variety of Sprouts and Daily Side Dishes
  • Unlimited Wheatgrass Bar
  • Green Juice 2X daily
  • Organic Garden and Greenhouse
  • Certified Kosher by OK Kosher

One Week Guests

  • Initial Health Consultation (Includes Bio-Feedback & Energy Testing)
  • Colonic Therapy
  • H-Wave Consult and Therapy
  • Blood Work
  • Consult with Medical Doctor

Two and Three Week Guests

  • Initial Health Consultation
  • Departing Health Consultation
  • 30 Minute Complimentary Wellness Evaluation
  • Consult with Medical Doctor
  • Psychotherapy Session: 50 mins
  • Blood Work 1st & Last Week

One, Two, and Three Week Guests

  • Comp Fitness Assessment
  • Bio Energy Testing
  • H-Wave
  • MRS 2000 Therapy (one per week)
  • Cyberscan
  • NuCalm
  • Swedish Massage (one per week)
  • Theragem Therapy (one per week)
  • Viofor Therapy (one per week)
  • Turbo Sonic (one per week)
  • QRS Therapy (one per week)
  • Ondamed
  • Colonic

Two and Three Week Guests Only

  • 1-Hour Follow-up Complimentary Life Skills Assessment
  • Soft Laser (one per week)

  • Twice daily complimentary wheatgrass delivery
  • Once daily complimentary juice delivery
  • Fine herbal tea collection
  • Complimentary signature facial during first week of stay
  • Complimentary Himalayan body salt scrub during second week of stay
  • Complimentary hydrating body wrap during third week of stay
  • Washer and dryer in accommodations
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Choice of whirlpool tub or color therapy steam shower
  • Complimentary upgraded amenity kit with Hippocrates shirt made with 100% organic cotton fibers

Now offering one, two, and three week programs!

Call a Program Consultant now to reserve your stay at 561-623-1002.