Most people know what it’s like to have a “problem area” even when eating a healthy diet and exercising. At Hippocrates Health Institute, we believe your beach time should be stress and “problem” free, if you so choose. If you are looking to shed a few pounds, especially in specific areas, you can receive Lipotropic Injections (MIC B12) from our medical team at our world-class facility.

What is the Lipo Injection?

Lipotropic Injections are a way to essentially melt away fat through the combined actions of 2 amino acids, a B vitamin derivative, and B12 which is injected into the areas of fat you wish to remove.

Why is our formula superior?

At Hippocrates Health Institute we have been implementing the most effective non-invasive and non-toxic ways to achieve a happy and healthy life at our facility for over 60 years. With our Lipotropic Injections we have sourced the best compounding that delivers a product that is 100% vegan and uses the most potent form of methylcobalamin to give you the best return on your investment into YOU.

How do I get started?

Call us to make an appointment. Your service will only cost you $45 and you can be in and out of the office quick enough to stop by during your lunch break. We recommend 3-5 weekly injections to achieve your initial goals, then every so often as maintenance. We are located at 1466 Hippocrates Way, West Palm Beach, FL 33480.

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