by Laurie A. Keene

“I want to be closer to God,” she said. I looked at my client. Seeing her desperate longing to feel the presence of Spirit in her life, and knowing from my own experience how lonely it can be when we feel separate and isolated, I quietly responded, “You can’t get closer to God, you are God.” I paused for a moment as she considered this. I then went on to say, “What you can do is remember that God, Spirit, Source, lives in you, as you. By remembering you will feel the closeness you are missing.”

Living with guidance and learning to follow your Soul is a path of remembering.

It is a path that I have devoted myself to since my mid-twenties. Through guidance and my Soul’s wisdom I have been taught that we are both human and God/Spirit. From the human perspective this concept can be challenging. God however, knows that we are indivisible. We are one. I can tell you that life from this vantage point; knowing myself as both human and Divine, has been a game changer.

How then can you return to this place of remembering within yourself? As humans we live in a third dimensional reality. Dualism abounds. Life is often divided into right/wrong, up/down, good/bad, human/God. Because of this it may be difficult to accept that what appears as separate is only your minds fearful belief in separation. Thus the path of remembering requires that you open your mind to question your fixed beliefs of fear and separation and to be willing, with the help of your brave heart, to release unhealthy, unkind, redundant patterns. It also means taking risks, most notably to reach for the deep longing of reunion just as my client did.

What can you gain by doing the work of remembering? By stepping on to the path, your Soul and Spirit, which have always been present, become more accessible. The subtle yet miraculous evidence that they are with you, guiding you home, becomes an intrinsic part of your life’s experiences. It is wondrous and humbling to receive signs and confirmation that you are never alone.

You will also learn to appreciate patience as you experience the merits in slowing down. Seeking guidance and discovering that it is all around and within you requires pausing, inquiring, listening, observing and allowing time and space for your Soul and Spirit to respond. As your faith in Spirit evolves you will gain a sense of wellbeing by letting go of the unkind demands you have placed on yourself and others. This wellbeing will increase as you step out of the frenetic pace of the conditioned world. Additionally, learning to recognize the obstacles that block your path and how to heal them gentles the way.

Another important aspect of the path is to learn how to utilize the concept of duality as a tool for discernment and remembering rather than a means to stay in fear and separation. Our personalities are attached to duality. When afraid, the personality will attempt to protect its sense of self by holding on to negative images and beliefs, which are embedded in our stories. The personality does this by deflecting and denying, by being inauthentic and defending. When in fear, the personality will flee from the truth of a unified existence and hide in the illusion of separation. The beauty of the Soul is that it does not lie. It cannot. It is always communicating the truth. So in learning to follow your Soul and entrusting your path to guidance, you will be brought back to remembering.

As I consider my own life and the thousands of clients and students I have been privileged to work with, I have witnessed that much of humanity is on the cusp of an evolutionary breakthrough, a new paradigm of experience. This new paradigm offers us the opportunity to restore our relationship between the personality and the Soul by remembering. The great take away in remembering?

A longing for reunion fulfilled, a closeness that never leaves you and unceasing love as you embody yourself as both—human and Divine.

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