We will venture into several areas of conducting healthy life-styles in our hectic lives. One of the first areas is our life-style at home.

1. Our first search should be in finding a health store that carries a variety of organic foods. If there is difficulty in your area in finding such a store, there are organic farms that send organic foods to you by air. The second search is that of finding restaurants that serve and have available vegetables and live foods. There are many such establishments all over the world. A new phenomena are salad bars and delis’ in the larger health markets for healthy fast food. After establishing all of your resource distributors, you should then plan a 14 day meal schedule so that you are not spending a moment worrying about what to buy and eat. In those 14 days, if you have an organic restaurant near, you may want to designate certain nights out. We often share healthful meals with friends which may become a regular occurrence in your life. There are also picnics and non barbecue barbecues, beach outings, hiking meals etc., which may be part of your plan. In no way is it difficult to eat healthfully when you have made a real commitment. This will actually be more pleasurable and easier than the fast food stops that serve junk.

There are millions of people all over the world who have found enjoyment, excitement and fulfillment in cleaning up their dietary life-style.

2. Travel: Your key to healthful travel is multifaceted. First, in encountering long plane trips we suggest accompanying yourself with little magnets that help offset radiation from the interior of the plane. We also suggest taking homeopathic levels of oxygen drops to supplement your lost oxygen. Planning what to eat on a long plane trip must be done somewhat in advance of your trip. There are many healthy snacks you can take with you such as sprouts, spelt bread and dehydrated snacks of all sorts, nuts, seeds, grains, and ripe organic fruit. Carrying a supply of distilled water might also be helpful. When you make your reservation you can also request a special meal of raw veggies which the airline will be happy to provide, of course they are not organic however better than the standard cardboard meal that airlines serve, which always include meat products. The best way is to bring your own food, and enough to satisfy your hunger until you arrive at your destination. There are many books at your health food store letting you know the restaurants and health food stores in various areas. Purchase one before you leave on your trip to save the anxiety of what to eat and where.

3. Entertaining really becomes a creative expression of your love of life when on the live foods program. There are many gourmet vegetarian cookbooks for you to choose and prepare exotic live foods for friends. There is no longer that stigma about being vegetarian. Even your non-vegetarian friends will respect and honor you if your meals are prepared with loving care. They will usually jump on the boat with you and rave about how good this vegetarian stuff tastes. Remember it’s your life, and serving healthy vegetarian meals reflect your consciousness and your standards.

On the reverse of this, when you are invited to dinner by non-vegetarians, or find yourself in a position where you must attend a business dinner function. Sometimes the best approach is no approach. That is, just take what there is that you can eat such as the veggies and side dishes that are non-meat, eat very little, for these side dishes most often have ingredients that you would not normally eat. Most of the time, people will not even notice what you are or are not eating, and if they do, just tell them you are a vegetarian. That is honorable in these days. Incidentally, most of your friends know you are vegetarian and won’t put you in an awkward situation; the biggest problem in that department is usually the family who think you are starving to death. Stand firm, live up to your convictions and perhaps you will have an affect on them someday.

Throughout this newsletter will be tips and helps for you to live your life the healthy way. We want you to succeed in your chosen life-style!

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