Ness #5 TM – Assists you in burning body fat tissue.

Ness #18 TM – Keeps your body from storing fat from the foods you eat.

Salute TM Aloe Juice — High mucopolysaccaride (?) content for cleaning toxins and alkalizing the blood; it also aids in digestion.

HHIzymes TM – Food enzymes for optimal digestion, which means fewer undigested fats and proteins, accumulate in the t blood and cells.

Revitalife TM – For the rejuvenation and restoration of strength and energy. Contains enzymes and oxygen.

Celltech TM Alpha Blue—Green Algae – energy for the physical body, assists in promoting efficient metabolism.

Skin brush – All natural bristle fibers for stimulating lymph glands, circulation and the elimination of toxins from the skin.

Vol 19 Issue 1 page 4


Macrobiotics Meet Meat: A Killer