In August 2011 I was hospitalized with numbness ascending from my feet to mid back, affecting my ability to walk normally. I was having difficulty breathing or feeling internally. I had lost the ability to run, bike, swim, ski and wear heels. I was released from the hospital and told nothing was wrong because my MRI was normal. My testing did continue and so did my symptoms, by now I was barely making it through the day—especially when it came to climbing stairs. Airline travel and extreme heat were also issues because they trigger intense symptoms.

…I did seek and receive excellent psychological care that led me to seek a second opinion. This occurred in January 2012, which led to yet another MRI, confirming thoracic lesions. Then there was a spinal tap the following month. This led me to seeing a fourth neurologist and a lot more testing with high dose steroid infusions. In March 2012, I was given a diagnosis of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS)…

…Through the help of family, friends and my work and church community, in December 2013 I arrived at Hippocrates Health Institute. Life at Hippocrates…what can I say…it is an oasis. It is a place of learning and experiencing and an opportunity to regain hope. You are cared for and educated. You are given the opportunity to focus on the body, mind and spirit…

…Nine days after my immersion at Hippocrates I was getting a massage and realized that some feeling in my feet had returned. Well, that was the start to a happy healthy drug free life. By the time I returned to New Jersey, I had about 85% resolution of my most troubling MS symptoms. Additionally, my teeth were whiter, my hair less gray, my skin clear of acne and dark patches, my muscle tone was better than in high school and I lost 14 pounds in four weeks…

…These are just a few of the benefits that the Hippocrates diet and lifestyle have provided me. I feel healthier than ever. I was even able to wear heels for Christmas and able to exercise (Jazzercise) without dorsa-flexion braces. Several other health challenges have been resolved, too!

By January 2015 and my sixth Neurologist, I was in FULL REMISSION

-Kimberly German : North Haledon, New Jersey

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Pioneering the field of mind body work in the 1950s, we have accrued decades of knowledge on how this affects one’s health and happiness. Your first step in remaining young and conquering the potential for disease is your authentic embrace of your core values. Healing sparked by emotional strength empowers your immune system defenders to protect the anatomy as a whole.

Over the course of the three-week program, the transformation literally occurs before one’s eyes, as the body begins to experience recovery to wholeness. Many guests stay more than three weeks in order to continue their healing process in the safe and supportive Hippocrates environment.

Embracing your authentic core values is the first step to remaining young and disease-free. The mind is powerful and can create health or dis-ease. We are here to help guide you to radiant health and a happy, mindful life.

You are made up of one hundred trillion cells. Each cell requires nutrition, stimulation, rest, hydration and a clean environment. At Hippocrates, we have mastered the process of nourishing your body so it will flourish.

A healthy body and mind is the result of a joyful, connected spirit. We believe in helping individuals understand we are all part of greater whole and that we get to lead meaningful lives of vibrant purpose.

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