Article by Blue Eagle

Let us first understand what shamanism offers. Shamanism is universal in that all native people living in nature all over the world have some form of shamanism. It’s a fact that people who live in nature develop special abilities to see beyond appearances to the underlying spiritual blueprints that animate nature and that can be called nature spirits. All shamanic cultures speak of a Spirit World or as Cherokees say “Ungawi” “the world of ideal form”. This is the place where all manifestation first originates and it’s non-material. All that exists, first exists in “Ungawi” in a perfect luminous form with no physical substance.

I recently heard a research project studying how many people have had contact with deceased family members in modern society. Although this subject is never present in modern main stream media, 50% of the population have had or know someone who has had contact with a deceased family member. The existence of an eternal spirit in all Men and Women is a given in all world religions. Thus, it’s no surprise that all shamans have this ability to communicate with what we call Our Ancestors. This is the most important and central part of all relationships in a shaman’s world, the guidance and communication with one’s ancestors. Ancestral wisdom gives access to knowledge and knowhow that is ancient and effective, as what is passed down through innumerable generations, works! It has passed the test of time and we pass it along because we have found that it’s effective in helping people.

All physical matter is in fact light. Quantum physics is discovering what our people have been saying for millennia that all is light, frequency, spirit. What really is, comes from our consciousness. This explains the extraordinary abilities that the western world has documented in native people but never understood. The ability to change the weather, to calm the storm or call the rain, to heal in an instant even at a distance life-threatening diseases, to move through space faster than the fastest plane on earth, to materialize lost objects, to find lost people without leaving the ceremonial space, and I could go on and on. These things are only possible if we acknowledge that there is a part of us that is an eternal immortal spirit that transcends time and space. Shamans devote their lives to understanding the essence of life and the eternal laws of the natural world. We really need to understand that there is no objective reality outside of consciousness. Even what we believe are immutable laws of science, such as gravity for example, can be changed by our spirit. This has been illustrated by those we call Sky Walkers, those who can fly through the air without technology. Also explains how the people were able to move great heavy stones without any technology, to build ceremonial circles like Stonehenge or the pyramids in Egypt, Mexico and South America.

The shaman will examine all aspects of a person’s life when looking for a solution to a health problem. What seems to be a physical ailment can very well be a way our spirit has of telling us that we are on the wrong life path, living with the wrong people or doing the wrong job! Maybe we have angered nature spirits or have a dysfunctional relationship with our elders or parents. Maybe the emotional needs of the person have been neglected, typical of modern life that one, or maybe the mind is resting on assumptions or a philosophy that is alien to the truth. All these elements have an impact on our lives. Only then will a physical treatment be effective as only when one’s spirit is in balance can true happiness be found.

During my stay at Hippocrates I will be offering talks to explain how we can solve our modern day ecological crisis. This is very important. Indeed Man needs to understand the world around him to find what is his place and mission in life. This is a core need every man and woman has. We all have the need to feel useful. Thus, as the world is now experiencing conditions that are life threatening to all species including man, it’s very important that we understand why we are where we are and what the solutions are. This is very important because living in a world where there is no understanding and no hope can be very discouraging and source of a poor immune system prone to disease.

During my time at Hippocrates I will be offering several music therapy sessions and a concert. As all the world is made of vibrations, light and frequencies, music has a unique ability in making us feel good and connecting with spirit. I will also offer a moving meditation technique that resembles Tai chi. This Native Dance form connects us with our inner energy and with the environment and is a complete healthy exercise. I will also be giving healing ceremonies and private sessions. But in all these offering what needs to be conveyed is that we are immortal eternal spiritual beings that have been chosen by Great Spirit to be the co-creators of a beautiful, wonderful, impeccable earth mother, woven with beauty and pristine living conditions. We have strayed from the perfect health and near immortal life span we once had, to a world fraught with disease and pollution. There is a way back to paradise, the original state of the world, and that has to do with discovering one’s immortal spirit. In consciousness we have all power and all knowledge. May we find our way back to the great tree of peace. May abundance and perfect health bless us all.

Love and Light

Blue Eagle


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