Who doesn’t love ice cream? With this recipe by Executive Chef Ken Blue you can experience not only one of the best vegan ice creams, but one free from added sugar! This recipe is a  great option for those wanting to maintain healthy blood sugar levels while still enjoying a stellar dessert.

3 quarts nut milk
(equal parts walnuts & pine nuts)

To make nut milk for ice cream:
Soak nuts overnight & rinse
(discard water)
Blend 2 cups walnuts & 2 cups water
Squeeze through sprout bag
Blend 2 cups pine nuts & 2 cups water
Squeeze through sprout bag
Alternate this process between walnuts and pine nuts until
there is 3 quarts of nut milk (nut “cream”)

Add to nut milk:
4 oz vanilla flavor (alcohol free)
4 T cinnamon
1 oz Frontier maple flavor
2 capfuls stevia
(To adjust sweetness, add either more vanilla or stevia)
Lastly, follow the directions on your ice cream maker.


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