At my own behest, I cooperated with some basic tenets of restoring my health. I gave up meat, dairy, chicken, eggs and fish. I juiced wheatgrass and green drinks and with the help of Michael Bergonzi, I became a grass grower and a sprouter. Chef Ken Blue taught me the medicinal properties of food. Ken’s entire being radiated—or should I say emanated—truth, regarding which foods heal and which foods harm.

The excess weight I was carrying had become layers of unnecessary adipose tissue that made me sluggish and weak. After consuming the Standard Western Diet, and years of smoking, I began to feel lumps in my breasts and a tightness in my chest and abdomen. I could see the road I was on led to disease, and chose to take a detour, also steering clear of any potential allopathic treatments.

I truly believe that my trip to Hippocrates Health Institute guided my life into a happier and healthier coexistence with life on this planet and, to paraphrase one of Brian Clement’s expressions, the “magnificent creations” on it.

Many thanks to Brian, Anna Maria, my father, and my friend Dennis, who supported this quest. Thank you to the very special women at Yoga Source in Broward County. Through the teachings of Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI), the use of wheatgrass and raw, living, plant-based foods, and the practice of yoga, I have undergone a wonderful transformation.

I look forward to a long relationship with HHI and my friends and teachers at Yoga Source. I am also committed to continuing my use of wheatgrass-the ultimate medicine.

Vol 31 Issue 1 Page 31


Obesity, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis C, Diabetes and Liver Transplant Obesity, Sleep Apnea