Carole BiancoCarole Bianco loved accounting as a child and followed her intuition, which later on developed into a passion for her life-long career of accounting.  At the age of just 13 Carole was already working in accounting in banking, from there she went on and studied accounting as a career professionally in MontrealHer previous career history in accounting before joining Hippocrates Health institute included working for and developing more efficient accounting strategies and departments for numerous companies to include: NCR Canada, Electrolux Canada, Mobile Medical Industries in Boca and Alliance Care in Boynton Beach, FL.  Due to her life-long, committed work ethic applied to developing herself in accounting, Carole now has a wealth of knowledge and is highly intuitive in accounting practices and procedures.  She has also developed strong computer software skills over the years, making Carole a valuable asset to the ongoing development and success of Hippocrates Health Institute.

Carole is a highly professional, dedicated and committed member of the Hippocrates Health Institute team. After joining Hippocrates Health Institute in 2008 as the Director of Finance, Carole has implemented and developed numerous internal controls, procedures and protocols.  She has completely restructured the accounting department to be highly efficient with all of the different departments within Hippocrates, and also with external providers, companies and people working with Hippocrates Health Institute.

Originally from Montreal in Canada Carole can speak fluent French and moving to the US later on, Carole is now bi-lingual, in French and English.  So when needed at Hippocrates Health Institute, Carole also translates for French guests and French groups here, as Carole also naturally excels at Guest Relations.  When not working on spreadsheets in her office at Hippocrates Health Institute, Carole can be seen interacting with guests and students.  Carole is a warm, friendly, giving member of staff, this means Carole often gets to know guests and you can almost always see Carole at Graduations, personally enjoying being a part of guest and health educator graduate successes at Hippocrates Health Institute.

Carole is admirably committed to her family.  She has been married for 30years, has 2 beautiful daughters and also a happy and fun grandson.  Carole can often be seen swimming in the evenings or weekends after her busy work schedule with her grandson in the pools at Hippocrates Health Institute.  Her relaxation and fun time is her family time, showing her true giving nature, values and why she is such a valued member of the Hippocrates Health Institute team.

Since joining the Hippocrates Health Institute in 2008, Carole has committed wholeheartedly to the Raw Living Foods Hippocrates Lifestyle and the vision of HHI both personally and professionally.