Dana KenneyDana Kenney joined the Hippocrates team working at the front desk and was promoted 3 short weeks later to become a program consultant. She has been enjoying a vegan diet for 17 years, having overcome obesity and maintaining a weight loss of almost 70 lbs during that time. She really enjoys seeing people overcome their own health challenges and loves to see the amazing results people achieve at Hippocrates. She is patient and compassionate and strives to hear each person’s individual story and guide them the best she can on their path to wellness and health.

Dana has traveled to 25 countries and 49 states, and has spent time living abroad in Australia. She is a Spanish speaker, and is familiar with the dietary needs of those with religious or allergy restrictions. She enjoys spending quality time with her close friends and family, live music, animals, writing, and is always learning more on self development and a variety of natural health and current event topics.