DarleneDarlene grew up in a traditional Italian family where food was at the heart of just about everything. During her high-school years she was asked by a neighborhood friend to attend an aerobics class, where she discovered her love of exercise, and her passion for living a healthier lifestyle was sparked. Darlene continued on to teach within the Palm Beach County School District for 11 years.

Over the course of those years she taught health, personal fitness, aerobics and Pilates classes. After several years of teaching, she couldn’t ignore the desire to help people improve their own health through a career in the medical field, at which point she decided to change her career and become a nurse. Darlene attended the BSN program at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. Upon completion of becoming a Registered Nurse, she went on to work at a hospital in the outpatient surgical area, a walk-in clinic, as well as a cardiologist’s office. Through those experiences she realized how much a more natural approach appealed to her. She recalls having several conversations with patients talking about their lifestyle, diet, and exercise which, unfortunately, fit nowhere into their traditional treatment plan. This aspiration to help people change their lifestyles ultimately led Darlene to Hippocrates Health Institute, and she has felt at home ever since.