Janet Hranicky, Ph.D. Dr. Hranicky is one of the visiting support team members of the Hippocrates Health Institute’s “Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program” and works along with Brian Clement, Anna Maria Gahns-Clement, and Dr. Michael Galitzer. This exciting new program integrates Natural and Holistic Therapies to optimize health and thereby maximize the long term healing potential of each individual.

Dr. Hranicky has an extensive interdisciplinary educational background, holding Bachelor’s Degrees both from the University of Texas and Drake University and two Masters Degrees from Southern Methodist University. She holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fielding Graduate Institute and is a California Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a member of the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Hranicky is currently completing her Medical Degree with the International University of Health Sciences.

Dr. Janet Hranicky is a nationally renowned expert in PsychoNeuroImmunology and Cancer. As an associate of the late renowned Radiation Oncologist, O.Carl Simonton, M.D. from 1979—2009, she was involved in the longest running Mind/Body Treatment Program for Cancer in the world at the Simonton Cancer Center. She has applied her clinical experience and research from working with thousands of people with cancer and training healthcare professionals internationally over the last 30 years to an integrative model of cancer treatment that incorporates her background in Behavioral Medicine with a number of Integrative and Alternative Therapies based on core principals in Functional Medicine, BioEnergetic Regeneration Medicine, Integrative BioPhysics, and Nutritional Science.

Dr. Hranicky presents some of the highlights of her clinical work and research in PsychoNeuroImmunology in her internationally recognized program, “The Power of the Mind in Getting Well,”™ which is exclusively offered as one of the essential therapeutic components in the Hippocrates Health Institute’s Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program. Dr. Hranicky covers some of the basic tenets of her theoretical research in Emotions and Cancer: “The Pleasure-Freeze Theory —The Biological RoadMap for the Logic of Emotions and Stress and Cancer.” Dr. Hranicky has also applied her extensive training in Behavioral Medicine & Neuroscience along with her many years of training with Tony Robbins & The Robbins Research Institute in developing this program. This innovative program, which has been applied to the field of Psycho-Oncology, is helping people all over the world maximize their “Personal Power” to positively influence the course of their recovery.

She has been a long-standing certified trainer with Kahler Communications, Inc. utilizing Dr. Taibi Kahler’s leading-edge technology in personalized stress management, Process Communication Model™ since 1986. NASA used this acclaimed system, for almost 20 years in the selection of astronauts. Dr. Hranicky has applied this technology to the field of Health Care and Cancer Wellness Treatment because of its’ refined ability to predict distress patterns unique to each individual and provide specific interventions for stress management. Her adaptation eGuide: “The Key to Me in Getting Well”™ provides an interactive approach for incorporating the results of the Kahler Stress Profile™.

Dr. Hranicky has also has included a number of BioEnergetic Therapies in the Hippocrates Health Institute’s Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program such as, the OndaMed BioFeedback Technology, to evaluate and treat underlying systemic dysfunction to optimizing the stability and strength of the BioEnergy Field and enhance optimal health and vitality.

Dr. Hranicky’s passionate interest is in the area of BioEnergy Field Medicine and Integrative BioPhysics. The growing field of Quantum Medicine enables us to look at the human body as an electrical/electromagnetic system which is charged and which charges the larger Quantum Field. Emotions carry charge and charge is the agency of change within matter. It has been Dr. Hranicky’s clinical observation that these “emotional” disturbances precede the development of cancer. Changes in consciousness and one’s emotional state shift the BioEnergy Field which can alter the course of disease. She believes that Spontaneous Remission is correlated to the changes in the vibrational frequency of a person’s BioEnergy Field that happen when healthy shifts occur in the strength, coherency, and flow of one’s emotions and energy that impact a desirable movement toward Parasympathetic/Sympathetic balance.

Dr. Hranicky is honored to support the on-going work of her courageous mentor, O. Carl Simonton that is being done at the Simonton Cancer Center. She has seen in her clinical research over the last thirty years of pioneering the field of Stress, Psychological Factors, and Cancer with Dr. Simonton that the significance of healthy emotional change is profound in up-regulating the vitality of our natural healing properties that are designed within us to alter the course of cancer towards health and long-term survival.

Dr. Hranicky trained with the late Dr. Valerie Hunt, U.C.L.A. Professor Emeritus in the area of BioEnergy Field Medicine over the last 15 years. Dr. Hranicky is currently involved in ongoing clinical research with the Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program in alliance with the BioEnergy Fields Foundation founded by Dr. Valerie Hunt, The American Health Institute and Hippocrates Health Institute.