Joda Cook Joda Cook is a Master Didjeridoo Player and Sound Vibrational Healer who has over 20years experience both playing the instrument and developing the art of breath control and circular breathing.  The Didjeridoo is an Australian wind instrument created by the Aboriginal people over 40,000 years ago, and by itself, is very spiritual and very healing.  Joda plays straight from his heart chakra.  He has played and performed vibrational healing across the US and abroad and hand-crafts his own instruments and custom-makes them to order.  He is both a musician and a healer and once you have experienced his magic you will never forget it.  Over the years he has developed his own form of healing qualities through sounds and vibrations, with life-changing results.

Joda was born in Chicago, Illinois and after graduating high school traveled throughout the Far East while serving a tour in the U.S. Navy.  He has since traveled through Mexico, Guatemala. Jamaica, England, Europe, and Morocco.

His family background of African, French, Irish, and Native American (Blackfoot, Cherokee, and Seminole) along with his knowledge of different cultures from around the world, have helped him to tune in to the form of work he does. Joda discovered his healing abilities early in life.  He later realized the healing qualities of the Didjeridoo from the feedback he received from the people he worked on over the years.  He is a down-to-earth person, who is tuned in to the universal energy, his healing comes to him naturally.

Joda has performed his healing qualities on Olympian and Para-Olympian athletes from all over the world.  He has worked at health fairs at Miami Beach Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale Convention Center, Orlando Conference Center, as well as healing and health centers all over Florida.  He also played with Soul Connection a Vibrational Healing Group around South Florida.  Joda shares his charismatic energy with many healers around the US.  He taught at the alternative school ‘Skipping Stones’ in NE Miami where he instructed children how to make and play their own musical instruments.

Joda plays with the musical group Mantra Grooves.  During some of their performances he interacts with the audience by letting them feel the vibrations from his Didjeridoo on their bodies and they love it.  He has two CD’s out, one called ‘Star Rising’ which is a collaboration for visual relaxation.  The other one, ‘The Awakening of the Dragon’ is a collection of Joda’s original music.  He is working on his third CD at this time.  He has also accompanied other musicians on their CD’s; including ‘Peace from the Everglades’ which was nominated for a N.A.M.A. (Native American Music Award).  He also works with different yoga instructors sharing his vibrational healing energy during their class at many centers all over South Florida.  He, along with an incredible crystal bowl, crystal harp, and crystal pyramid player are teaming up to lead vibrational healing/mediation workshops and seminars. He also works with an amazing foot whisperer and total-body healer and together they perform phenomenal work as Sole 2 Soul.

Joda has worked at Hippocrates Health Institute since 2013 where he provides his profound and unique service for guests.  They are transformed by his work and are very grateful for having experienced his sessions.  He continues to learn ways to enhance his healing energy techniques by researching, studying and being open to life’s teachings.  He loves what he is doing and is very passionate about it.