ken BlueKens culinary training began as a child, working and playing at his grandfather’s restaurant.  Over time, he worked in every aspect of the restaurant, from the bottom up, front and back of the house.  Despite his love of food, his grandfather urged him to avoid the hard work of the restaurant life and go to college.  At Emory University, Ken pursued his other love of biology and the environment and pursued a degree in Biology.  During these college years, he continued to work in his grandfather’s and other restaurants as time permitted.   After graduating from college, his passion for food continued and he eventually devoted himself completely to the restaurant business, working in a variety of restaurants and country clubs.  He eventually opened his own vegetarian restaurant which won “Best New Vegetarian Restaurant”. After a major shift in consciousness, he knew it was time to for a major life change and enrolled in the Hippocrates Health Educator Program.  Upon becoming a Certified Hippocrates Health Educator, Ken became an assistant chef at Hippocrates and continued learning under Chef Kelly Serbonich. He also began teaching Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation at the Institute at that time. Now he could bring together his background in Biology, food service and energy work. He then assumed the role of Executive Chef which he has held since 2005, and has since enriched and expanded the repertoire of delicious, nourishing cuisine served to both guests and visitors at Hippocrates.  In that time, he also helped design the new kitchen and dining area as the number of guests served increased dramatically.  In addition to preparing cuisine for the gusts and leading raw cooking classes for them, Ken also offers monthly classes on living food preparation for the general public as well as overseeing the culinary portion of the Health Educator Program.  Ken also teaches core lectures within the Life Transformation Program.  Along with his wife Pam, he started Living raw LLC ( where local people come and pick up produce and sprouts and empowers them to live the Hippocrates lifestyle.  Ken has also furthered his knowledge and abilities in Medical Qigong and is now a candidate to be a Doctor of Medical Qigong through China and the International Institute of Medical Qigong.  Ken is fully committed to using all of his abilities in to achieve Hippocrates mission of helping people help themselves and empowering them to live in a natural state of health.

Culinary Reviews

I’ve been eating a raw food diet for over 20 years. I eat very simple meaIs.I can’t eat most raw food recipes because they are not healthy. Chef Ken is one of the few people I trust when it comes to eating raw food recipes. Unlike most raw recipes that upset my stomach because they are poorly combined or just don’t taste well, I never have that issue with Chef Ken’s recipes. Of all the raw food chefs I know, Chef Ken is at the top of the list.

Paul Nison

Author/Speaker and Raw Food Gourmet Chef – Official website of Author Paul Nison


As Director of Living Light Culinary Institute and author of four raw vegan recipe books, I appreciate the task Chef Ken has in creating a variety of meals that are fresh, raw, organic, and tasty for as many as 200 people a day. I always enjoy working in his kitchen when I am teaching culinary classes at Hippocrates and never cease to be amazed a the variety of dishes he prepares to insure there is something nurturing and delicious for everyone — no matter what their health condition is.


Cherie Soria