Oksana BaiditchevaOksana was born and raised in a small village outside of Moscow in the former Soviet Union.  Since childhood, she was exposed to a natural and simple way of life. Her grandmother was very much into holistic, natural remedies and herbology, and strongly believed that love and care can cure anything. This is where Oksana formed the foundation of her way of life that she continues to practice today.

At an early age, she learned the benefits of whole raw foods, fasting, and exercising. She has continued this healthy way of being and this is who she is at her core today.

In 1993, Oksana graduated from Nursing school as an RN in Russia to fulfill her dream of being of service to others and to help people improve their health.

After moving to the U.S., she continued her journey of healthy living through physical fitness and training.

Because of her ever-active lifestyle, Oksana was easily able to make the transition into the field of fitness where she acquired multiple certifications in different fitness modalities. As she progressed in her personal practice, Oksana found the great beauty and benefits of learning and sharing yoga. Since 2005, she has been a Certified Yoga Instructor.

In 2007, she was introduced to the Hippocrates Health Institute and immediately fell in love with its healthy lifestyle and approach to healing. Later, she completed HHI’s Health Educator program.

She continues to inspire others by developing customized exercise programs and helping them achieve maximum benefits by healthy eating, proper detoxification, and living an active lifestyle.