Pam KnappPamela Knapp RN is the IV/Oxygen Medical Supervisor here at Hippocrates Health Institute.

She assists guests in their daily medical needs and teaches them the benefits of incorporating IV Nutrition and Oxygen Therapies into their program.  Pam coordinates each therapy to their personal need.  Each guest is unique in their protocol.

Pam has thirty five years of Nursing experience, with an extensive background in Emergency/Trauma.

She believes that this background has given her the expertise to handle all physical and emotional needs of her patients.

After working years on the “Night Shift” in the ER/Trauma Unit, Pam realized her diet and lifestyle had to change.  She did not realize that these two factors would eventually impact her life.  Her Immune system  had become  severely  compromised.

Three years ago, Pam came to Hippocrates Health Insitute, “highly recommended by a physician” to work in the Hippocrates Health Institute IV/ Oxygen Department.

Nurse Pam describes this experience as a “God Send”.

Pam transitioned into Integrative Health because of her belief in Natural Medicine.  Pharmaceutical Drugs had only worsened her condition.  She incorporated IV and Oxygen Therapies into her lifestyle.

Pam attended the University of Maryland, where she majored in Nursing.  Her clinical training was completed at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland with a specialty in Emergency/Trauma Nursing.

Her guest’s testimonies and seeing their improvement during their stay here at HHI brings a smile to her face!

Many of the guests stay in close contact with Pam after they depart.

Pam was named the Employee of the Year in 2014 for her amazing dedication and commitment to HHI.

Her favorite daily event at HHI is drinking “wheatgrass toasts” in the morning with her co-workers.

She recently said, “This isn’t a job, it’s a dream come true.”