Tierna 'Tee' Wilson Tee came to Hippocrates in 2011 as part of the Front Desk team in Wigmore Hall. After several years, the opportunity to become the Retail Manager presented itself, and Tee accepted the position, and now oversees the Store, Mail Order and Web Store. Her background in retail spans over 30 years, and covers all aspects of managing a retail business, from working as a cashier and stockperson, to being a District Operations Manager for a major US retailer. Her belief is that every customer is a VIP, and should be treated as such.

Having worked in retail for over 30 years, Tee Wilson is a natural fit for the Retail Manager position at Hippocrates Health Institute. In addition to updating the Hippocrates Store and Mail Order departments, Tee also is taking an active part in improving the Webstore experience through additions of educational material, videos, and updated categories.

The assortment carried in the Hippocrates store is ever-changing as the technology, information, and products available today in the world market changes. From books and DVDs, to supplements and snacks, from juicers and kitchen equipment to seeds and sprouting equipment, we constantly strive to bring you the cleanest, most innovates products that will support you in this Lifestyle. The store is currently expanding on its Organic Clothing Category, with the Hippocrates Living Lifestyle brand of Ohganix Organic clothing. You can look forward to casual and active wear to join the intimates we already have, as we embark on this newest category in the store.

In addition to working in the Retail area, Tee is passionate about the environment and the health of our planet. Sharing her birthday with Earth Day (April 22), Tee has been aware of the decline of the planet’s health for many years, and has participated in spreading the truth about GMO’s, becoming green, and the importance of making everyone aware of just how fragile the planet has become.