Tracy EllisonTracy started her journey in the healthcare field at age 16 and was recognized as the ‘youngest heart monitor technician’ for a hospital in Palm Beach County. From there, she ventured into the staffing industry by handling the nurse and nursing assistant schedules. Her talent in this area was acknowledged and she progressed to a healthcare staffing agency as a Staffing Coordinator.

Quickly recognized as the #1 Staffing Coordinator for the agency, Tracy increased revenues tremendously. Her talents assisted in the acquisition of accounts in the Nursing Home industry and her organization was soon the expert agency in Palm Beach County for nursing homes and hospitals. Tracy was then promoted to Staffing Manager.

During her time as a Staffing Manager, she discovered her love for the Human Resource aspect of the position. Her best qualities were realized; her love of working with and helping people.  In 2005 at the age of 25, Tracy left the staffing industry and became a Human Resource Director for a healthcare facility; all through hard work and perseverance. Wanting to progress further, during her time at the health care facility, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration/Human Resources. 

Tracy continues to learn and grow and is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Organizational Management. Her love of people, opportunities, and strong work ethic assisted her in quickly adapting to and working to improve the Hippocrates team. When she is not working, she enjoys music, dancing and planning events.