Zuseth Amador’s passion and vision to transform her life has led her to Hippocrates. She joined the Hippocrates Health Institute in December 2015 as a Guest Services Agent and was promoted to Program Consultant in March 2016. Her role as a program consultant is to assist guests with a clear understanding of how The Life Transformation Program is a vehicle for each individual looking for optimal physical, mental, and emotional health.

Her enthusiastic and positive approach to life is a great asset to our guests who are looking to make that transition in their health and overall well-being. It all started 5 years ago with her own personal journey in turning her health around and seeking truth around how our daily habits and thoughts have a direct relation to what manifests physically not only in our body but in our life as well. Zuseth has trained with several personal development courses such as Landmark Forum, Essence of Being, Gratitude Training, and Creative Insight Journey. She is also a regular attendee of local health and lifestyle workshops and Expo’s in the South Florida community.

Zuseth is a catalyst for anyone looking to design a life that is filled with optimal health, peace, clarity, and ultimately happiness. With her experiences in her health journey, she is able to provide a deeper understanding and compassionate nature for anyone seeking the support, confidence, and motivation to taking that first step in attending our signature program, our Life Transformation Program. She is proud and honored to be a part of such a revolutionary movement in making lasting change in our guest’s lives and is a valued team member at Hippocrates Health Institute.