Dr. tina discepola of Hippocrates Health Institute

Dr. Tina Discepola, Medical Director

Dr. Antony Chatham

Dr. Antony Chatham, Psychotherapist

What exactly is “healing”?

What is the healing philosophy of the Institute? Is there a unifying principle under which all treatments take place? What exactly is “healing”?

  • Hear from different practitioners about their particular modalities.
  • Learn how the different treatments work together to inspire the healing response.
  • Learn how the body, mind and spirit work together to create health and healing.

What you can expect from the Life Transformation Program:

  • State-of-the-art blood panels, including cholesterol analysis, blood sugar, insulin, and diabetes screening, comprehensive thyroid testing, inflammatory markers, and Vitamin D are done upon arrival.
  • Complete blood count, cholesterol analysis, and metabolic profiles are repeated after 3 weeks of the Life Transformation program.
  • 30 min appointment with physician which includes history and exam, blood pressure and weight review, medication review, medical follow-up plan, and prescription of therapies (when appropriate).
  • 30 min consultation with RN to discuss prescribed oxygen, IV therapies, and/or parenteral vitamin administration.
  • A complementary 25- minute stress evaluation session.
  • A complementary 50-minute stress management session.
  • A professional staff of medical and mental health doctors and nurses.

Additional Medical Services:

Hormone consultations and therapies are offered at additional cost, if requested. Dr. Discepola offers personalized functional consultations for folks in need of proper hormone replacement. We offer Bioidentical Cycled Hormone Replacement for Men and Women, and thyroid replacement using only biomimetic natural hormones.

IV Therapy. We offer a variety of intravenous supplements and treatments. Vitamin “cocktails”, including glutathione, Lipoic acid, and Glycyrrhizic acid, in customized doses are prescribed by the physician for a variety of conditions and illnesses. IV Silver is prescribed for a variety of infections and illness. We also have MIC-B12 injections as part of our comprehensive weight loss program, and Vitamin D injections indicated for severe deficiencies.

Oxygen Therapy. Here at Hippocrates we are proud to offer by prescription Oxygen therapy with Exercise, Infrared Wave Domes with Oxygen, and Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments. We have a Vitaeris 320 soft chamber equipped with a viewing window, and spacious enough for two!

Biofeedback with Cyberscan

Dubbed “The Ultimate Immune Balancing Technology”, Cyberscan is an advanced biofeedback device utilizing proprietary bio-cybernetic technology based on the works of physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla and Princeton Engineering Anomaly Research.

Some benefits of Cyberscan:

  1. Improved health condition
  2. Reduced aging process
  3. Reduced stress and nervousness
  4. Enhanced mental clarity, memory and focus
  5. Improved sleep and dream recall
  6. Reduced depression and addictions
  7. Enhanced muscle mobility and coordination


NuCalm rapidly guides you to deep relaxation and allows your body to recover, restore, and rejuvenate. You don’t have to lose the battle against stress. With NuCalm, your body can do its job of restoring health and achieving its natural balance.

Bio-frequency with Biowell

Bio-Well is a non-invasive energy scan that uses a specialized camera and software system. The specialized camera uses light energy from the tips of the fingers that are captured and mapped to the body’s meridians. Bio-Well measures the body’s overall energy output, stress level, organs and systems energy balance. The information provides an overall holistic view of the state of your health and well-being. Bio-Well provides real-time feedback and allows you to work on balancing your energy states.


Mental Health

Antony Chatham, Psychotherapist

How we perceive our health, matters.  As psychotherapists we help our guests to change their distorted perceptions (which we observe very often) about their health condition, relationships with people around, the meaning of their lives,  relationship with the Higher Power, and the control over their negative emotions.  Those who feel hopeless about their health condition visualize themselves getting healthier and happier using Creative Visualizations; those who feel victims of their bad habits feel empowered to take care of themselves through techniques like NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Cognitive behavioral Therapy, and the like; those who feel estranged from their significant others, family or the Higher Power feel they can reconnect with them by changing their strategies, those who feel scared can begin to feel courageous again.

Our emotions matter.  People who come to HHI program with any significant health challenges or any major diagnosis often experience fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame or sadness.  As psychotherapists we first identify those emotional challenges, and then help them to overcome those toxic emotions.  A complementary 25- minute stress evaluation session helps identify such challenges and another complementary 50-minute stress management session helps addressing the stressors.  Only those who spend a minimum of two weeks get the complementary sessions, even though, those who do shorter time are encouraged to make their own appointments for the same.  As a rule, we see that our guests who also work on their emotional and spiritual challenges do better in their overall health, than those who work only on the physical side.

Andy Bernay-Roman, Psychotherapist & Wellness Coach

Psychotherapy—State of the Heart Integrative Feeling Therapy (S.H.I.F.T.)

Getting to the heart of the matter, uncovering wounds, fears, and blockages that influence our current behavior and relationships – with food, others, work, lifestyle, and ourselves – that is what the work of Andy Bernay-Roman is all about. Growth and healing are not just about changing the food we eat – but more about resolving what’s eating us, from the  inside out.


Feelings play a major role in determining what the body can and will heal. Connecting with and expressing feelings, especially those that may reside in repressed form within the tissue of the body, can unleash great forces for healing by normalizing hormone levels, reducing inner pressure, and generally bringing a sense of resolution to the system.


* Body-focused psychotherapy

* Heart-to-heart encounter

* Hypnotherapy

* Centropic Integration™

The Healing Circle

Face it: we all need help to make positive lifestyle changes. Let’s do it together. A healing circle is a place to get encouragement and support at a personal, and more intimate level.

Unlike a class or lecture, a healing circle involves everyone as an active and equal participant. By sharing, listening, and giving feedback to other group members, you can get to know yourself better, and find an inner motivation to make the changes you need and want to make.

Let’s make a circle where it’s safe to share from the heart, and give honest feedback. Let’s make it safe to lay some burdens down, and discover we’re not alone. Let’s tap into a wonderful collective wisdom.

Personal note from Andy: “I’ve been leading healing circles for over twenty-five years. I invite you to come with an open heart, and to let yourself be vulnerable and brave. Go for it!”