To date, supplements containing curcuminoids were mostly synthetically pro­duced and only available through mass-market providers, many of who claim a potency rate of ninety five percent curcuminoids. If you are taking a turmeric sup­plement that claims this, please stop. Most people are unaware that a product containing a botanically active concentrate of anywhere near fifty percent or more is out of balance, even if it is not syntheti­cally produced. When a supplement is out of balance chemically, it creates a toxic response in the body, rather than the ben­eficial response you are aiming for.

Hippocrates stands by our philosophy that is firmly rooted in consuming organ­ic and whole foods. As such, we are com­mitted to providing whole food-and­ herb-based supplements that include the full-spectrum of properties contained in the original plant. All effective supple­ments are formulated based on the understanding that a plant or food contains a specific and precise matrix of disease inhibiting elements such as the vita­mins, minerals, enzymes and yes, even nutrients we have yet to discover. These nutrients (correctly called Naturally Occurring Supplements) work optimally for the body when they remain together as they existed in nature. When they are iso­lated and extracted, as in the case of synthetically produced supplements-which are the majority of supplements available on the market today-they are found lacking. So, to access the full benefits of curcuminoids, it is essential to have a balanced formula containing the full spectrum of nutrients contained in the Turmeric plant. To this end, Hippocrates is pleased to announce Lifegive Phyto­Turrneric+. LIFEGIVE PHYTO-TURMERIC+ compacts the whole food of turmeric into caplets, each containing a balanced formula of 400 milligrams of pure Naturally Occurring Standard curcuminoids.

Beyond its brain enhancement and anti-cancer affects, turmeric is also known as a pro-digestive and anti-inflammatory agent. Globally, it is widely used to ameliorate infections, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s and to enhance wound healing. Because of turmeric’s obvious and vast disease eradicating properties, we, at Hippocrates, are convinced that daily supplementation with PHYTO-TURMERIC+ can be of great assistance for a major segment of the population. For more infor­mation on PHYTO-TURMERIC  contact our store’s order line at 561-471-8876 ext. 124

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