Have you ever wondered what the planet Earth will be like in a hundred years? What kind of legacy are we leaving for our children’s children? If you ask a hundred different people, you will get an amazing array of answers, most based on a lack of understanding about the impact we are having on our home planet.

Look out your window, and no matter what your view is, chances are that what you are looking at today, will be dramatically different in the years to come. The continued protection of our environment is not only vital to the protection of flora and fauna, but also to our way of life. If we don’t start to make serious changes now, and continue to improve upon them in the future, the Earth we leave behind for our children and grandchildren will be a much more difficult place to survive.

If we are to leave behind an inhabitable planet for tomorrow, we need to teach our children today. On Tuesday, April 25, Hippocrates is hosting “Growing Healthy Kids”, an interactive event for kids and their parents. It promises to be an evening filled with information, education, fun and food for the whole family. Please join us for this free event from 4 PM-8 PM, including a lecture from award winning author and speaker Karen Ranzi. RSVP’s are required and space is limited, so please call 561.594.0896 for further info and to reserve your spot!

Creating Healthy Children Through Attachment Parenting and Raw F


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