There were three major criteria that the experts were challenged with as they assembled the formula. First, it had to nourish every cell of the body by incorporating an enzyme/oxygen-rich living food base (nourishment that has not been heated above 110 degrees.). Second, the formula had to selectively kill the free radicals which accelerate aging and disease. (Free radicals are electrodes that have been burst and are ricocheting through the body, damaging and destroying healthy cells.) This was achieved using a synergistic combination of herbs, enzymes and nourishing algaes. Third, it had to be a catalyst in creating energy and strength throughout the body.

The final product is a powder that had the potential to enhance one’s immune system cells such as interferon and interlukin; elevate T-cells, H-cells and other members of the family called fighter cells; and boost white blood cell activity. The cells mentioned are all blood cleaners that assist in removing bacteria, yeast, molds, fungus, etc., from the body and creating a healthy cellular rhythm.

Though Power Powder is in no way meant to replace the fresh green drinks that we teach are the cornerstone of the Hippocrates program, we recommend this powder for times when these drinks are not available. You can find more information about this new food supplement in the catalog section (page seven) of this newsletter.

Vol 11 Issue 2 page 5


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