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  • Have Laptop, Will Travel


    Phil goes digital nomad for a year-long odyssey, traveling to 12 cities in 12 months on 4 continents. What these cities are ‘really like’ will make you laugh, think, learn and even cringe a little. The author’s personal journey of self-discovery.

  • Lighten Your Toxic Load

    $15.95 $7.98

    With in-depth examples, you will learn how to discern fact from folly, and empower yourself with the resources

    you need to make your own informed and health-promoting decisions.

  • Stress Rx


    Stress Rx is a manifesto for adults of all ages – an inspiring prescription for all – and possibly the timeliest and most critical work on stress today, a necessary read in these unpredictable times. Whether your stress is related to work, relationships, finances, health, sexuality, weight or negative thinking, Stress Rx can help YOU.

  • Nuclear Power Is Not The Answer

    $16.95 $8.48

    Renowned physician and activist Caldicott presents exhaustive evidence to refute the now resurgent claim that nuclear power is the solution to global warming.

  • Choose Happy


    You can’t buy happiness, but you can choose to be happy. Choose Happy is your go-to-guide packed with tips and quips on how to live a happy, positive life every day.