La Bella Donna is a revolutionary, pioneering concept in cosmetics: Minerals that behave like makeup. It is a complete collection of mineral-based formulas that are actually healthy for the skin. Not all minerals are created equal. La Bella Donna’s minerals contain only pure minerals from rock that give benefits to the skin that you cannot get from any other products.

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  • LBD Sun Protection


    LBD Sun Protectant is an all natural, pure mineral translucent sun protection.

     It lasts all day without re-application and provides complete protection from all UVA/UVB infrared rays.

    It does not contain any FD&C dyes, oils, fragrance, alcohol, parabens, cornstarch or other chemicals.

  • LBD Advanced Erase


    Our lightweight creamy and long-lasting concealer for a naturally perfect complexion!

    Discover the leader in mineral makeup. Minerals that heal, protect, and beautify all skin types.

  • LBD Mascara


    Fortified with some of the most innovative and nurturing raw materials, La Bella Donna is excited to unveil our highly moisturizing, water-resistant, Mineral Mascara. Available in Black & Dark Earth Brown

  • LBD Compressed Blush


    You will have no problem ‘getting cheeky’ with La Bella Donna’s plethora of colors.

    The blush is light weight mineral based and provides cheeks with an all-natural glow from with-in appearance.

  • LBD Compressed Powder


    The same amazing qualities as the Loose Mineral Foundation compressed to a silky smooth texture.

    Convenient, sexy and perfect for travel and touch-ups throughout the day!

  • LBD Loose Powder


    Our Loose Mineral Foundation is our signature product, and has been sold in the world’s best spas for over 20 years.

    Mineral Foundation is proven to protect and nurture your skin throughout the day, while providing very “light-feeling” coverage.

  • LBD Duo Lip Crayon


    Featuring La Bella Donna LOVE LIPS COLLECTION, Duo-Lip Crayons for that subtly stained new lip colour.

     The Lip Liner Pencil provides a high level of precision, as well as smooth coverage

  • LBD Lip Sheer


    Designed as a treatment product with colour, this high-gloss Mineral Lip Sheer may be worn alone or to enhance Mineral Light Lip Colours.

    The light-weight, non-sticky formula provides a sexy, extremely shiny finish and is perfect for a quick colour ‘touch-up’.

  • LBD Eye Shadow


    The sheer, delicate mineral eye-shadow containing no FD&C dyes, talc, oil or alcohol, and will not irritate your eyelids.

    Deposit of colour is long-lasting and interchangeable as eyeliner.

  • LBD Eye Pencil


    Formulated with naturally-derived mineral based pigments these kohl eye pencils are soft and blend easily.

    If you haven’t use an Eye Pencil, now’s the time to try one.

  • LBD Liquid Eyeliner


    A superior all liquid eye lining pen with an innovator applicator to provide an ultra-fine or dramatic line with just the right amount of color.

    Suitable for highly sensitive and demanding skin!