LifeGive supplements are formulated by and made exclusively for the world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, and meet the Naturally Occurring Standard (NOS) set forth to distinguish between naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients, and those that contain any level of synthetic vitamins and nutrients.  All of the Hippocrates LifeGive Supplements undergo rigorous verification to be certified as NOS, and contain no synthetic nutrients added directly or indirectly.
The LifeGive Supplement line was born approximately 35 years ago out of a desire to readily make available plant-derived supplements.  Vitamins from naturally occurring substances have a relatively low potency level, simply because the body can so easily absorb the nutrients.  Low potency vitamins from naturally occurring sources will produce effective nutrient activity while positively affecting immune function and overall health.

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  • LifeGive Aloe Vera Gel Fresh Frozen Locally 58 oz


    Mail Order Toll Free # 1-877-582-5850

    ***Must order in quantity of 2***

    Product must be shipped via 2 day air in special container since product is frozen.

  • LifeGive Aphanin


    LifeGive™ Aphanin is Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae, also known as AFA, which comes from blue-green algae that grows naturally in Klamath Lake in Southern Oregon. 

    AFA has been used as a dietary supplement for more than two decades.  Most commonly reported benefits are a reduction of the symptoms of inflammatory conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, and asthma.

  • LifeGive B-12 Forte


    LifeGive™ B-12 Forte is a soil-based dietary supplement recommended for everyone.

    Vitamin B-12 is an essential vitamin, especially for those with a low RBC (Red Blood Cell) count. B-12 increases hemoglobin (iron) levels in the blood and provides energy.

    LifeGive B-12 Forte may also be helpful with Gastro-Intestinal disorders.

  • LifeGive Body


    LifeGive™ Body is freeze-dried Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA) which is earth’s first living food!

    The nutrients in LifeGive™ Body may help to increase energy, vitality, and endurance, strengthen the immune system, improve attention and alertness, and support brain function and the ability to manage stress.

  • LifeGive Chlorella


    LifeGive™ Chlorella (1500 Vegan Tablets) is a single cell Green Algae. 

    It is an excellent source of protein that is easily digested. 

    Chlorella has many benefits to assist in the achievement of optimal wellbeing. 

    It helps the body to get more out of vitamins and minerals and is helpful with blood sugar regulation, for both hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic episodes. 

  • LifeGive Conscious Brain


    LifeGive Conscious-Brain was born out of a Stanford University study on brain cell nutrients and enhanced by other nutrients and herbs that have been empirically linked to the reduction of memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

  • LifeGive Enterorinse


    LifeGive™ Enterorinse acts as an overall cellular system repairman, often utilized in the conquest to overcome cancer. 

    This unique nutrient and herbal complex induces cell differentiation, normalizes cell signals, helps to inhibit cancer cell proliferation, induces apoptosis in cancer cells, induces apoptosis in cancer cells, inhibits angiogenesis, and up-regulates natural immune response.

  • LifeGive Est-Toll


     LifeGive™ Est-Toll stands apart as purely whole food and plant based and is a Naturally Occurring Standard certified product.

    LifeGive™ Est-Toll is a whole-food supplement containing naturally occurring Indole 3-acetic acid, Enzymes, and other vital life-giving nutrients from raw organic cabbage. 

    Studies indicate that the Indole compound is especially helpful for balancing hormones, regulating sleep, as well as strengthening the immune system

  • LifeGive Exhilarate


    Depression is so widespread that it is estimated that over 50% of the population in most Western Cultures suffer this brain chemistry problem to some degree. 

    LifeGive™ Exhilarate may be used to help those suffering with mild to more severe cases of depression.

  • LifeGive HHI Zymes


    LifeGive™ HHI-Zyme is Hippocrates Health Institute’s own improved time-tested formula that provides essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes to enhance digestion of food, increases the electromagnetic frequency around the cell, and helps fight off free radical damage, which is the cause of disease and aging. 

    These digestive enzymes also assist in healing the pains of gas and bloating.

  • LifeGive HHI Zyme PLUS



    • Increased Amylase for carb digestion
    • Increased Protease for protein digestion
    • Astrazyme added for better absorption
    • Serving size is 1 capsule only per meal
  • LifeGive Hormone Power


    LifeGive™ Hormone Power (150 Vegan Capsules) works to optimize the body’s hormone levels and ratios, while also working to create a healthier internal environment.

  • LifeGive Instinct Probiotic 50 Billion


    Instinct 50 billion is a broad-spectrum probiotic formulated to bring balance to both the small and the large intestines.

     Made for those suffering from digestive tract issues such as constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating and general discomfort. 

  • LIfeGive Instinct Probiotic Critical Colon 80 Billion


    Created to support the large intestine, LifeGive Critical Colon has much higher levels of bacterial strains than Instinct 50 Billion.

    This ensures regularity and relief from occasional irritable bowel, and works quickly and effectively.

  • LifeGive Instinct Super Critical, 200 Billion


    Specifically developed for use after taking antibiotics, LifeGive Super Critical restores and brings balance back to the entire lower digestive tract, including both the small and large intestines.

  • LifeGive Instinct Vaginal Balance, 50 Bill


    Designed to support the urinary and vaginal tracts of women, the bacterial strains in LifeGive Vaginal Balance mirrors the balance of probiotics found in these areas naturally.  

    Special acid-resistant capsules are utilized so that the probiotics are guaranteed to make it through the acidic environment of the stomach.

  • LifeGive Internal Cleanser


    LifeGive™ Internal Cleanser  is a symbiotic combination of nutrients and body activators that first builds and then cleanses the colon by reaching the deepest canyons where unwanted matter resides.

    Its bases are bioactive chlorophyll-rich algae.

  • LifeGive KindKidney


    LifeGive™ KindKidney (90 Vegan Capsules) is a traditional, herbal formula that supports healthy kidney function and offers a nutritional healing approach for long-term kidney health.

     Good kidney function provides us with energy, endurance, healthy skin tone, clear headedness, and proper brain functioning.

  • LifeGive Liv-A-Lot


    LifeGive™ Liv-A-Lot (90 Vegan Caplets) is an all-natural herbal formula used traditionally for rejuvenation and purification of the liver. 

    It is an effective blood purifier that fine-tunes the liver and assists in its healthy function as a major detoxifying organ.

  • LifeGive Live (Fresh-Frozen Blue-Green Algae)


    Mail Order Toll Free # 1-877-582-5850

    ***Special ordering – Buy 4 bottles and get 1 free for a total of 5 bottles***

    Product must be shipped via 2 day air in special container since product is frozen.

  • LifeGive MeltAway


    LifeGive™ MeltAway (180 Vegan Capsules) is a fat-consuming enzyme complex that is a pure safe and proven way to help the body eliminate unwanted weight. 

    The enzymes, Lipase and Amylase, assist the digestive and elimination systems in their quest to rid the body of unwanted lipids.  

  • LifeGive MeltAway Advanced


    180 Vegetarian Capsules

    *Decreases appetite, hunger and cravings

    *Increases fat burning and fat loss

    *Decreases circulating glucose

    *Increases insulin sensitivity

  • LifeGive Men’s Formula


    LifeGive™ Men’s Formula (180 Vegan Caplets) is a complete 100% natural whole food multiple vitamin, mineral and herbal formula created especially for Hippocrates Health Institute.  

    LifeGive™ Men’s Formula offers men of all ages (12 and older) unprecedented levels of nutritional support, vibrant health, endurance and renewed energy.

  • LifeGive Ocean Energy

    LifeGive™ Ocean Energy is a vegan friendly B-12 formula containing nutrients from the land and ocean with added probiotics. 

    The combination of nutrients work synergistically to enhance energy and endurance, help to increase Hemoglobin (iron) levels in the blood, and is an excellent alternative to Bee Pollen. 

    For best results, a three-month protocol is recommended.

  • LifeGive Par-A-Gone


    LifeGive™ Par-A-Gone (90 Vegan Tablets) is a natural traditional botanical formula that has been used historically for the elimination of parasites from the body.

    It is bioactive and contains naturally occurring enzymes and oxygen.

  • LifeGive Phys-Neur Oil


    LifeGive™ Phys-Neur Blended Omega Oil is a vegetarian and vegan friendly essential fatty acid matrix that powerfully nourishes the cells throughout the body, especially the brain.

  • LifeGive Phyto-Enhanced


    LifeGive Phyto-Enhanced+ is a naturally occuring vegetable source of curcuminoids from Turmeric extract and each capsule supplies 800mg of curcuminoids.

    Curcuminoids have been shown to have anti-inflammatory, pro-digestive, and anti-infectious activities. Phyto-Enhanced+ is organic and bioactive and is designed to be hypoallergenic and does not contain artificial colors or any chemical additives.*

  • LifeGive Pinnacle


    LifeGive™ Pinnacle (60 Vegan Capsules) is a comprehensive Thyroid Complex which balances hormones, supports a healthy metabolic rate, and aids in fat metabolism and detoxification. 

    This unique product is complete comprehensive nourishment for healthy Thyroid function. 

  • LifeGive Power Caps


    LifeGive™ Power Powder , available in both capsule form (400 vegan caps) and powder (500 grams ) , is the purest and most potent green food supplement made with organic ingredients.   

    Packed with more than 60 vibrant ingredients, LifeGive™ Power Powder is a superior source of highly beneficial phytonutrients that are helpful for building muscle and gaining strength

  • LifeGive Power Powder


    LifeGive Power Powder  is the purest and most potent green food supplement made with organic ingredients.

    Packed with more than 60 vibrant ingredients, LifeGive Power Powder is a superior source of highly beneficial phyto-nutrients that are helpful for building muscle and gaining strength. 

  • Rad Erase


    Unlike mono-atomic oxygen therapies, non-mono-atomic oxygen in Rad Erase is very gentle and proprietary, private testing shows this special formula is the only product to date to eliminate radioisotopes and electropollution

    Bioscalar enhanced hyper-extremely oxygen-saturated & hydrogen-charged spring water

  • LifeGive Reverse


    LifeGive™ Reverse (30 Vegan Capsules) is a naturally occurring bioactive source of Ubiquinol Coenzyme Q10 made from probiotics used to “Reverse” cellular damage caused by aging as the CoQ10 levels in the body naturally decrease.

      This unique nutrient may support normal heart function, protect cells from free-radical induced oxidative damage, provide anti-aging effects, and help maintain healthy energy levels

  • LifeGive Sea Strength


    Sea Strength is a combination of seven different sea vegetables that are energetically compatible and contain virtually every vitamin, mineral, trace mineral and amino acid, as well as all of the appropriate enzymes, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients.

    Sea Strength is not a dietary supplement; it is a nutrient-rich, raw superior food.

  • LifeGive Sun-D


    LifeGive™ Sun-D (180 Vegan Capsules) offers a superior naturally occurring vegan source of Vitamin D3 with Vitamin D precursors from Shitake mushrooms and rice germ extracts.

    This powerful plant source of life-supporting and living Vitamin D may be used for the support of good health, prevention of nutrient deficiencies, and the prevention of the development of threatening health conditions. 

  • LifeGive Systemic Enzymes


    LifeGive™ Systemic Enzymes  is formulated with proteolytic enzymes, Vitamin C, and select botanical antioxidants that have been specifically chosen for their ability to combat oxidative stress, support healthy circulation, support muscle and joint recovery after exercise, and provide other systemic benefits.

  • LifeGive Thy-Well Iodine


    LifeGive Thy Well Iodine is a superior formula of iodine due to its 100% bioavailability, its unique ability to donate much needed electrons to the body, vigilantly pur ingredients, testing that ensures it is not radioactive, and its true scalar charge.