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  • ASEA Advancing Life


    ASEA works with your body’s natural chemical messengers to unlock each cell’s ultimate potential for renewal, repair, and refreshment.

    ASEA provides the body with Redox Signaling molecules, triggering the body’s own natural ability to repair its cells.

  • Calms Forté – Sleep Aid


    Calms Forté – Sleep Aid (100 Tablets) Non-Drowsy Formula, contains chamomile, non-habit forming. 

    Temporarily relieves the symptoms of simple nervous tension and occasional sleeplessness.

  • Argentyn 23 16oz


    98% Actively charged Silver

    It is easily absorbed and excreted

    Safe for anyone, all ages

  • Samento (1oz)

    Nutamedix does not allow us to sell their products on the Internet. Please call our Mail Order Department at 877-582-5850 or 561-471-8876 ext: 2171 or 2124 if you wish to place an order.

    Samento Microbial Defense-L (1oz) is a liquid extract of Samento Bark, a very potent blend to fight the common cold and support the immune system.

  • Living Streams Probiotic


    “Living Streams Probiotic™ is a totally NEW, unique friendly flora liquid solution.

    This product  is the direct result of years of research and development, and could well be one of the most beneficial 

  • Vegan Glucosamine Supreme


    Vegan Glucosamine Supreme (60 Vegan Capsules) by VegLife – support of connective tissue, muscles, cartilage, and joint health. 

  • Core Care


    “World’s # 1 Nutraceutical and Dietary Supplement” Feeds your Core to Achieve MORE

    *Starts a shift in your body to stabilize and maintain optimal wellness

  • Garden of Life Vitamin Code – Raw K Complex


    RAW K-Complex provides 150% of the Daily Value for Vitamin K, including RAW MK-7 (Vitamin K2) which is gently extracted at low temperatures from fermented Bacillus subtilis Natto. 

    Providing RAW Food-Created Nutrients for bone strength, a healthy heart and optimal digestion.†

  • Haelan 951


    Haelan 951 is an international award-winning, super nutritious, fermented soybean protein beverage.

    This amounts to the ideal Adjuvant Nutrition to help boost the immune system 

  • Water Balance Factors 60 capsules


    A special herbal formula to support normal fluid levels.

     A potent herbal elements and nutrients such as B6 and potassium support the body’s normal balance of sodium on a cellular level. 

    May be used as part of a weight loss plan.

    Short expiration date. FINAL SALE!!!

    Expires 10/2019

  • Garden of Life Vitamin Code Kids Multi-Vitamin


    Finally, a great tasting WHOLE FOOD multi that supports your child’s healthy development!†

    Vitamin Code® Kids is the FIRST NON-GMO VERIFIED children’s multivitamin—ever!

  • Gia Smart Card


    The Smart Card by Gia is a revolutionary, pocket-sized card, designed to transfer its vital energy onto any beverage, food, and or nutritional supplement you consume.

  • Glutathione, Oral 4 oz


    Glutathione supports your immune system and helps you to detoxify.

  • Advanced Immune Defense


    A.I.D is the most advamced, natural approach to supporting a healthy immune system available anywhere in the world.

     A.I.D. is the most powerful immune system product with 8 herbs, 30 actives, and up to 94% absorption rate

  • Eidon Zinc, Liquid Concentrate (2oz)


    Zinc is essential for proper healing, immune function, and cell growth.*

    Zinc is an essential mineral that has proven to assist multiple body system functions, including the cardiovascular, digestive, metabolic, musculoskeletal and immune system. 

    Zinc can enhance the sense of taste and smell, and is rapidly depleted by stress.*

  • Prosta Ven


    Premier Research Labs’ Quantum Prostate Complex contains a blend of natural ingredients that help get your prostate back to normal. 

  • E3Live® Original (Fresh-Frozen Blue-Green Algae)


    Mail Order Toll Free # 1-877-582-5850

    ***Special ordering – Buy 4 bottles and get 1 free for a total of 5 bottles***

    Product must be shipped via 2 day air in special container since product is frozen.