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  • Essentia Ergonomic Pillow


    A Classic ‘S’ curved pillow made entirely of Essentia’s patented natural memory foam, this pillow shape is designed to fill the curve of your neck when sleeping on your back or side.

    (This is a standard queen-sized pillow)

  • Essentia Coco Pillow


    Perfect for long nights, the Essentia Coco Pillow is the complete package of comfort and support.

  • Bach Star Of Bethlehem Remedy (0.7 fl oz)


    Star of Bethlehem is for those of us who are suffering from the after-effects of shock

    Each remedy is hand made in England.

    Dr. Bach created these 38 remedies to heal the mind and body through the natural healing powers of flowers.

  • Essentia Comfort Pillow

    $139.00 $69.50

    Essentia’s Comfort pillow features a traditional pillow shape with an upgraded filling of Essentia’s patented comfort mix of natural memory foam and natural latex for customizable comfort.