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  • MG 12 Dead Sea Bath Salts (2.2lbs)


    Mg¹² Dead Sea Bath Salts contains magnesium + 20 essential minerals. The waters of the Dead Sea are a unique blend of minerals that is 40 times more than anywhere else.

  • MG 12 MagneSport


    MagneSport s a proprietary blend of Magnesium oil, Arnica, and essential oils. Designed for athletes and active adults. It works synergistically with the human body to positively affect energy levels and muscle function for peak performance.

  • Mg 12 MagneSoothe Magnesium Oil


  • Eidon Magnesium, Liquid Concentrate (2oz)


    Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in over 300 enzyme actions in the body.*

    Magnesium is essential for normal heart function, nerve impulse transmission, muscle relaxation, and calcium management. 

    Symptoms of deficiency include muscle cramps, headache, and fatigue.