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Cancer and Chronic Immune Diseases


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Hippocrates Cancer and Chronic Immune Diseases Program (CCID) represents a State of the Art Educational Model developed by world leaders in the fields of Nutritional Science, Integrative Functional Medicine, BioEnergetic Medicine, PsychoNeuroImmunology and Cancer.

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June 28

July 3


CCID program builds upon the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) model that has been successfully helping people for over 60 years to activate their own healing potential for getting well. Emerging evidence indicates that impaired cellular metabolism, along with a suppressed immune system, are the defining characteristics of all cancers and other chronic diseases.

HHI's successful living plant based nutritional protocol has served as a worldwide lifestyle medicine intervention model, which in the three week Life Transformation Program (LTP) quickly promotes detoxification and a restoration of a healthy immune system and balanced metabolic profile necessary for regaining health.

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Included in your Program

  • G6PD blood test (to see if they can do the 50g of Vit C)
  • (2) Fountain of Youth with 50g of Vit C
  • (2) Glutathione IV ( part of Fountain of Youth) done after oxygen treatment
  • (2) Saline locks
  • (1) Vit D 100,000 IU (we split it into two shot of 50,000 IU)
  • (2) B12 shots ( the spark)
  • GIMAP test
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The CCID Can Assist with:

  • A Low Energy State
  • Increased Inflammatory Markers
  • Increased Acidity
  • High Toxic Burden
  • Dysregulated Glucose & Insulin
  • Elevated Fibrinogen
  • Suppressed Immune Functioning
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Chronic Stress Physiology ( Dysregulated Cortisol, Adrenal Fatigue, & Parasympathetic System Weakness )
  • Imbalance of Gastrointestinal Flora
  • Low Vitamin D Levels
  • Weakness of the body’s capacity to effectively drain toxins: (Liver, kidney, & lymph)

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What to Expect

Day One: Understanding “Cancer As A Metabolic Disease: "Restoring Regulation & Balance An Overview On" How To: Increase Energy & Oxygenation, Enhance Your Immune System, Optimize the Health of Your Autonomic Nervous System

Day Two & Day Three: Simonton Cancer Center’s New Patient Session Overview based on Dr. Simonton’s Best Selling Book, “Getting Well Again“

Day Four: Kahler Communications, Inc. International: Personalized Stress Management

Process Communication Model: Used by NASA in the selection of Astronauts for over 20 years

“The Key To Me In Getting Wellz"

Day Five & Six: Dr. Hranicky’s Program in PsychoNeuroImmunology & Cancer “The Power of the Mind in Getting Well“

Your Thoughts & Emotions Are Biology & Pharmacology: Anchor Your Desire to Get Well & Design Your Lifestyle to Match Who You Are. Develop Your Personalized Strategy to Live a Long, Healthy, Happy, & Awesome Life

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These information molecules also influence cellular activity and the mechanisms of cellular division. Laboratory scientists have been able to see that certain nerve fibers actually end on the surface of white blood cells. This gives us physical evidence that white blood cells receive direct messages from the nervous system.

The endocrine system communicates through hormones. The pituitary gland, which signals the regeneration process in our cells and is part of the endocrine system, is stimulated by the emotion of pleasure. Therefore, emotions play a central role in cellular division.

It is now apparent that messages from the brain directly influence the immune system – commanding that it seek and destroy cancer cells. Just as importantly, it is also an influence in correcting abnormal cellular memory. Although there are different theories being tested as to how the mind and emotions are exactly connected to cancer and chronic diseases, researchers agree on one point: The mind is a very powerful tool in the recovery process. In fact, an important enhancement in healing seems to occur right when the patient makes the decision to get well.

The field of PsychoNeuroImmunology shows us how emotions are translated into chemical substances (information molecules) that impact the interconnected systems within the body – such as the endocrine and immune systems. There are a number of ways that emotions communicate at the physical level. For example: neuro-peptides have been identified as chemical messengers that allow our emotions to "talk" directly with billions of defense cells in our immune system.

What the research shows:

Hippocrates health institute has been helping thousands of people get better & get well from all over the world for over 60 years. The institute is renowned for its’ living plant based nutritional protocol which has phytochemical properties that naturally correct metabolic pathways to restore immune system regulation & optimal balanced physiology to activate a person’s own healing potential. Research in the scientific field of psychoneuroimmunology & cancer over the past 30 years has also shown impressive results that are consistent with hippocrates health institute. Stress & psychological factors are major factors both in the development of cancer & in altering the course of disease. Chronic stress impairs both immune functioning & the metabolic neuroendocrine pathways which affect normal cell signalling.

Research in psychoneuroimmunology & cancer has consistently shown:

  • Doubling of median survival time
  • More long term survivor’s
  • In general, people fare much better
  • Less hospitalization stays
  • Fewer side effects from treatments
  • Decreased need for pain medication
  • Increased energy & continued involvement in life
  • Higher quality of life
  • Higher quality of death

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