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We all know it – Stress Kills. Whether it’s pressures at work, financial debt, family issues, or even grieving at the loss of a loved one or pet, we all understand that we are all stressed out.

Added to that, we are all digitally and mentally overloaded. Each day, the average office worker receives 181 emails; and, the average American alone, sends and receives an average 94 text messages per day, 2,819 text messages per month, or 33,834 text messages per year. Just reading that alone, makes us stressed out!

What we don’t know, is how much chronic stress and mental overload can actually harm us.

Unaddressed stress can leave us anxious, tearful and struggling to sleep; but over time, chronic stress can trigger many health problems, such as: heart attacks, strokes, digestive problems, obesity, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, arthritus, dementia, depression and even suicidal thoughts.

According to the American Institute of Stress, 46% of the Mental Health Foundation’s 4,000 respondents claim they ate too much or unhealthily during episodes of stress, and more than a quarter (29%) blamed their chronic stress for drinking too much, while up to 16% claimed it drove them to take up smoking.

The Stress Reduction Immersion Program is a fusion of mindfulness training with in-depth medical (healing) qigong and the exploration and influence of optimal health as it relates to hydration, breath, enzymes, probiotics, blue green algae, alkaloids, chlorophyll, and other nutraceuticals.

Under the guidance and instruction of Rev. Viktoras Kulvinskas, participants will be looking at the impact of food that they choose to eat versus the food, which creates peacefulness, joy, clarity, mindfulness, libido and youthfulness.

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This is your year to devote to you!

Take one week to devote just to yourself. Join Hippocrates Health Institute for a week to detox and de-stress under the guidance of Hippocrates Co-Founder Rev. Viktoras Kulvinskas, M.S. and Dr. Edwin Riley, Ph.D., acclaimed author of Stress Rx™, a pioneer in the mindfulness-stress reduction movement and a long time Hippocrates Associate.

Understanding how the mind works in relationship to stress lends itself to examining the spiritual, mental, emotional, astral and physical bodies to convert stress into an expression of harmony.

Dr. Riley completed a 600-hour, in-depth experiential doctoral internship on the principles and practices of mindfulness-based stress reduction. His first-hand training in the Clinic's methodology, and approach to learning, growth, human development, and healing lead Dr. Riley to create a comprehensive program model for his dissertation that he brings to Hippocrates.

Modeled after the internationally acclaimed Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center that has trained over 22,000 participants during its 35-year history, the Hippocrates lifestyle model and mindfulness component offers a complete package for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Participants are supported in an interactive, group environment, and learn from one another… seeing themselves as being greater than their disease, illness, diagnosis or anxiety. This, in turn, greatly reduces stress associated with their condition allowing mobilization of resources for personal healing.

 It is their goal that each participant:

  • Fully present in their lives,
  • Aware of each minute-to-minute,
  • Attentive to the world inside themselves.

One week of de-stressing, detoxing and FUN!

During your 1 week you will learn and practice different forms of mindfulness including guided visualizations, walking meditation, qigong forms, sitting meditation, and other valuable, mental, emotional and spiritual techniques to reduce stress, such as:

  • How to scan the body to release tension and fatigue.
  • Developing calmness, concentration and mindfulness.
  • Medical qigong. How to remove blocks, congestion, stagnation and pain from the physical and emotional body.
  • Perception and creative response: How you see things or don’t see them.
  • Discovering how there is more “right” with you than “wrong” with you regardless the problem.
  • Easy to learn techniques to awaken and cultivate energy from the bone marrow out to the skin.
  • Muscle resistance training regardless of health condition.
  • How to be mindful in everything we do.

You will also enjoy on-campus Hippocrates exclusive guest benefits:

  • Enjoy our beautiful, nutrient-dense raw, plant-based, alkaline, enzyme-rich foods and drinks on the planet, prepared daily and served in our raw vegan educational buffet, along with our green juice and wheat-grass juice (grown and harvested daily from our own greenhouse and organic garden).
  • Have access to our world-class services at the Salon and Spa (for an extra fee).
  • Walk and enjoy meditating on over 65 acres of lush tropical oasis.

Each day will include group discussions, lectures, small group interaction, and conclude each afternoon with a Q&A with Dr. Riley and Rev. Viktoras.

Syllabus and activities:


ORIENTATION = Sunday 4pm–6:30pm

After the introduction of instructors Dr. Edwin Riley, Ph.D., and Rev. Viktoras Kulvinskas, B.S., participants will receive a review of program guidelines; i.e.: confidentiality, self-care, no advice giving, fixing or rescuing others; avoidance of scented products, attendance mandates, communication with instructors and daily homework practice in evenings with guided body scan meditation.

DAY 1:

MORNING SESSION:  9am – 12pm
In this three-hour class, the participant is experientially introduced to mindful eating, mindfulness of breathing and the guided body scan meditation.  Home (nightly) practice is assigned using the guided body scan as a means of beginning to learn to become familiar with mindful awareness of the body.

We will be looking at the influence of hydration, breath, enzymes, probiotics, blue green algae, alkaloids, alkalinity, chlorophyll and other nutraceuticals as well as the impact of food that you choose to eat…versus the food which creates peacefulness, joy, clarity, mindfulness, libido and youthfulness. And, we will be going in-depth on the premise that “Superfoods and dietary factors help us become stress free”.

DAY 2:

MORNING SESSION:  9am – 12pm
Both the physiological as well as mental and emotional benefits of meditation will be thoroughly discussed as well as empirical studies provided in the Stress Reduction Immersion Manual. We will also introduce Sitting Meditation with awareness of breathing and OM, the universal vibration, as meditation mantra, and then later focus on “Healing or Medical Qigong”.

We will look at each of your spiritual, mental, emotional, astral and physical bodies and we will show how each can be brought to harmony by converting what is considered stress by upgrading your attitude into an opportunity for growth and development leading to increased self-esteem and empowerment.

Day 3:

MORNING SESSION:  9am – 12pm                                          
In group discussion, we begin with a short sitting meditation as taught Tuesday, followed by feedback on the experience; i.e., whether they found it either pleasant or unpleasant, difficult or easy, etc.  We will also explore with the with class how reacting to stressors automatically influences mind, body, health, and their patterns of behavior.

We will teach you, through interactive exercises, how to maximize the energy field of the individual to use stress as a motivator, and most importantly, get your body in MOTION so that you can move out of fear, depression and fight/flight/stress state to one of positivity and possibilities.

Day 4:

MORNING SESSION:  9am – 12pm
This morning session is intended to assist participants in firmly and effectively establishing the use of Mindfulness across multiple situations in their lives and preparing them to utilize these methods once home.

In this critical session, you will learn the importance of living in the eternal now, mindfulness, forgiveness, non judgement and self-love. This session will be especially helpful for those trying to overcome addictions, depression or anxiety. We will look at each of your spiritual, mental, emotional, astral and physical bodies and we will show how each can be brought to harmony by converting what is considered stress by upgrading your attitude into an opportunity for growth and development leading to increased self-esteem and empowerment.

Day 5:

MORNING SESSION:  9am – 12pm

  • Morning review of week with Q&A.
  • Sitting meditation practice.
  • Qigong review, etc.
  • Conclude with the group in a circle joining hands.
  • Group Chanting Yemaya.


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