Looking for a raw vegan sushi option? Try our fantastic nori rolls!


Raw Nori Sheets

Shredded Carrot

Sliced Avocado Peeled

Cucumber Sticks

Clover Sprouts

Bamboo Sushi Mat

Water Wasabi & Braggs (optional)

Spicy Mayo (optional)


1.Place Nori sheet on bamboo mat, shiny side down.

2. Place a layer of shredded carrot across the sheet from left to right, starting one half inch from the bottom.

3. Place two cucumber sticks on the shredded carrot.

4. Place a layer of avocado slices on the cucumber sticks.

5. Layer the clover sprouts on top of the other ingredients.

Roll the Nori wrap and seal by dipping your fingers in water and running them along the edge of the wrap. Slice and enjoy!

Recipe courtesy of chef Ken Blue


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