Are you interested in finding and following your passion? Raoul Valle followed his passion. Utilizing the education and life-changing experience he received here at Hippocrates, he is now inspiring hundreds of people to gain better health and lead vibrant lives.

I met Raoul when we both took the Health Educator course in 2006. We were class buddies, and we had many great times together while we studied, shared and dreamed of all the great things we would do as Health Educators once we were set free! He went forth to further his knowledge, and he has fully embodied his title of Certified Hippocrates Health Educator.

I caught up with Raoul at The Green Wave Café, the raw food restaurant and learning center he and his wife, Lisa, opened in Plantation, Florida. He was receiving the early morning delivery of beautiful organic vegetables that are sold each Monday morning in his organic market.

Before we get started with questions about your awesome café, let‘s talk about your experience as a Health Educator student. Why did you take the course?

I took the 3 week Life Change Program in July of 2006 and when I left I had a million questions! So I decided to take the Health Educator course in October. I took the course because I wanted more answers.

Were your questions answered?

Many of them were! The rest came with time. I’m still continuing my “education” by talking to people and going ?to seminars. It’s an ongoing, lifelong journey. The Health Educator course is not an end-all, it’s just a great beginning. As Brian Clement teaches us, “Follow your passion and read, read, read!” That’s just what I did—I followed my passion.

What was your passion after finishing your course?

It was the raw foods, particularly their healing effects. It’s amazing how profoundly your health can respond to something so simple. People think they need a doctor or a prescription or a plant from the Himalayas to cure them, but their own bodies can often heal themselves. It’s not rocket science. Give your body the right fuel and it will improve.

I remember when we finished the course you were really excited about enzymes.

Absolutely! After five days with Viktoras Kulvinskas (the father of living foods) it would be hard not to be fascinated by enzymes. Before I met Viktoras, I had read Dr. Edward Howell’s book, Enzyme Nutrition, and according to Howell, by the age of 50, enzyme production is down to 30% and by age 70 its only 15%. That’s a huge factor in determining whether we will age well—or not so well.

You began selling the HHI-zymes (Hippocrates enzyme supplement) to your friends and family, correct?

Yes, I took advantage of the wholesale opportunity we Health Educators have to sell the Hippocrates line of supplements. I sold them primarily to my family and friends.

Did you see changes in their health?

My mom always used to have trouble digesting her food. She said it would just sit in her stomach. Viktoras taught us that as people age, one of the first enzymes that is depleted is amylase (the enzyme that digests starches). Just after she began taking the enzymes, she called and said she had started digesting her food again! Not only are you enhancing digestion by taking enzymes, you are also absorbing more of the nutrients in your food.

I understand your own health was improved by this program and lifestyle.

Oh my God, yes! It was like night and day. People are always amazed when they see my picture from 10 years ago. I look like an old man! My cholesterol dropped from 240 to 150 within a few weeks (without medication), I lost 60 pounds (I’m back to my weight from high school), and my blood pressure went from high back to normal. My PSA count went from 12 down to 2, and I’d bet it’s even lower now. Everything functions normally now, even my intestines. My energy level is higher and I sleep better.

And you have a beautiful raw food restaurant that’s really thriving.

Yes. It began when my wife, Lisa, and I wanted to teach raw food cuisine and preparation. Lisa got her Raw Chef Certification and we decided to open up a school. Once we got all the permits from the county, we realized our school could double as a restaurant. Along with our classes, we started serving lunch. Now we are operating six days and two evenings each week, and we will soon be expanding even more. We also have a mini organic market every Monday morning at the restaurant where we sell beautiful organic produce to people in the area.

It seems like you are really making an impact in the community!

We are, and we are hoping to expand into other communities in the very near future.

What was the most important thing you took away from your Health Educator course?

It would have to be realizing my love for knowledge, especially for how raw foods enhance the human body. More and more, I look at the human body as a machine. If you put in high quality oil, your car will run better. For 50 years, I thought I knew how to feed my body, but I really didn’t. Thanks to the education I now have, I’ve learned what will keep my body running in the best possible way, and I love sharing that information.

And you share that information so well! ?Thank you, Raoul, for your generous inspiration!

Raoul and his wife Lisa Valle own the Green Wave Café in Plantation, Florida. You can visit their website at ?

For more information on our upcoming Health Educator session, please contact , ?or call 1-800-842-2125 x 110. You can also visit our website.

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