For several years, Jill suffered from low energy and felt debilitated, suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, hypoglycemia, Candida and Reynaud’s disease. Believing her condition was directly linked to her diet, she immediately made improvements. Losing weight and detoxification were her main goals, and after following proper food-combining methods, she lost 44 lbs (20 kg) in six months.

While mindful of her diet, exercising and implementing alternative therapies, she studied nutrition, including a three-year naturopathic nutrition course emphasizing the science of living and organic food. Aloe vera soon became her staple healing food. Due to its highly energizing properties, after drinking the juice daily she noticed an increase in vitality. Jill also included wheatgrass in her regime to increase her chlorophyll and oxygen uptake.

“My diet consisted mostly of live-food prior to knowing about the Hippocrates program. I had a catering background, yet my practice was not as complete or whole as the teachings at Hippocrates,” says Jill. After completing the three-week Life Change Program, she was inspired to enroll in the Health Educator Program, and upon graduating, took on HHI’s mission to “help people help themselves” through proper nutrition and positive lifestyle changes.

Jill gives group and private consultations on living foods and teaches food preparation in Portugal and the UK, conducting at least one two-day workshop each month. She also holds private consultations for those facing health challenges or simply wanting to improve their lifestyle. She makes sure her students understand the importance of relaxation and the use of fresh and organic ingredients.

“Fresh green juice is the most important thing for an instant alkaline nutrition rush and energy boost,” says Jill. Dark, leafy green veggies and sunflower and pea green sprouts are among her favorites. She also encourages people to juice daily, if possible with a masticating juicer, and advises to use what you have. For example, your only way of breaking up the greens is with a blender, just add the greens, cover with water, blend, and then strain through a mesh bag.

“I really believe in what I teach and the vast amount of information that Hippocrates offers. The program forever changed my future and allowed me to help others throughout the world. It was an opportunity for me and I am improving all the time; every year I implement something new. You can always find the time to change your life. Make living your priority.”

If you’d like to contact Jill Swyers of Living Foods for Health about her experience as a Health Educator graduate, you can reach her at or visit her website at If you have an interest in the upcoming Health Educators Program now is the time to inquire. Simply email Linda Frees at , or call 561-471-8876 extension 230 for more information.

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