Master Ken Martial Arts Academy specializes in teaching men, women and children in the art of living balanced lives through meditation, nutrition, martial arts exercise and rest. Students learn martial arts as a way of personal development as well as personal protection. By learning the movements of the martial arts, students are taught how to gain insight into themselves and know how to remain calm and confident as they encounter the situations of everyday life. The overall structure is a fun and positive environment designed to empower each student. With a balanced approach to handling situations and learning to resolve conflict peacefully, students recognize when they can turn a potential negative situation and turn it into a positive one.

THERASAGE is an international, innovative, natural health and wellness enterprise that specializes in the natural healing of Infrared technology. Therasage™ Infrared Healing Products are based on more than 30 years of extensive research by NASA scientists and deliver unparalleled healing benefits for affordable at-home and office wellness. Therasage specializes in full spectrum infrared (IR) heat concepts, technology and usage; combined with negative ion (NI) technology; and integration of enhancement with gemstone energetics and earthing technology, the mitigation of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF); and water, light and sound applications and technologies. The unique combination of these natural properties, designed in particular order, focused on enhancing the natural wellness experience is TheraFusion!

Linda Frees, a Certified Hippocrates Health Educator, has been helping people transition to a healthy lifestyle for the past 30 years via hands-on classes, television, radio, print and special events. She inspires people to begin embracing simple changes through a series of classes on Living Food preparation, including dehydrated foods, raw vegan desserts and easy sprouting techniques for a kitchen garden. Her colourful recipe book ‘Simply Sprouts’ offers ideas for foods and beverages based on sprouts and micro-greens.. Linda also organizes immersion events at Hippocrates for various groups, notably for Alternative Health Care Professionals, Corporate clientele and for people recovering from addictions. These groups add to the Hippocrates outreach that has been her passion for nearly 20 years.

Wakaya Perfection Our Products are created by using a highly complex process. We call it nature. Everything we make is sourced with prized and rare ingredients native to the South Pacific. The same certified organic ginger and turmeric that goes into our capsules goes into our aromatic teas, and our rejuvenating ginger scrub and soak. Is good for you inside and out! Our sea salt is harvested from Fijian reefs and dried in the island sun. And our company’s methods will also ease your mind. Our ginger, turmeric and kava are so pure they contain only one ingredient. Ingredients are not made in a factory, but hand-harvested on a pristine 2,200 acre island farm.


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