A whole range of special treatment is made available at Hippocrates to stimulate the skin, eliminate toxins and thus help to rejuvenate it.

SEAWEED BODY WRAP: The all round skin treatment helps to detoxify the body and put minerals from the richness of the ocean back into the body. After this treatment you will feel like a new-born.

MUD BODY WRAP: Excellent treatment for painful joints and muscles. Works with exfoliation followed with mud.

DRY-SKIN BRUSHING: The skin is semi—pem1eable. The pores of the skin should be kept open for optimum exchange of fluids, waste products and nutrients. Dry Skin Brushing removes dead skin cells from the surface and lifts off debris lodged in the pores.

SCALP TREATMENT: Special Aryuvedic oils from the Himalayas are applied to nurture the sebaceous glands, refresh the brain cells and relax the whole nervous system.

FACIAL CARE: To reduce signs of aging, improve vigor and vitality only natural products from plants are used. All facials include procedures to deep-cleanse, detoxify, exfoliate and moisturize the delicate tissues of the face. All packs and masks are blended individually to suit individual needs.

FACIAL LYMPH DRAINAGE: Recommended for faded complexion, acne, post-surgical scars, cellulite.

ELECTRONIC FACIAL TONIQNG: The latest alternative to a facelift or chemical peels. A low-frequency instrument is used to tone and gently shorten muscles, stimulate circulation, speed up cell renewal and reduce wrinkles.

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